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10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs – World of Warcraft

When it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft, I like to use these 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs. There are several ways to make your gold, but transmog can be over the top, when there are few items

Rare WoW Item – Battered Hilt for Transmog

It's not really a Rare WoW Item - Battered Hilt, but it is something which many people are seeking right now, and depending on your server might go for anywhere from 8 to 35 thousand WoW gold (read: Transmog).

WoW: Super Gold Flip – Buy this item for 10k, flip for 99k

There are a few items within WoW that are sold purely on cosmetic value. This is one of them. It's a rare world drop, which with Transmogrification makes the item worth anywhere from 60k-80k... or more. Reports state that this

WoW: Patch Notes for 4.3

These are the current patch notes for WoW 4.3 as of time of this post.  General New Dungeon & Raid Content End Time is now available for testing. Your participation and feedback here is appreciated. Hour of Twilight is now available for