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Diablo 3: How to kill the Treasure Bandit or Pygment

If you have 2 people, this is immensely easy. If you don't, then it's a little harder, but knowing the mechanics of this critter, will make your job on killing this midget, makes it easier.

World of Tanks: Setting the Wounded Animal Trap

My son likes to play World of Tanks. You can even blame him for all the guides I have been writing lately. I tell him this, I tell him that... then realize I should be telling YOU this information as

World of Tanks: How to use Camouflage Effectively

I suppose the question you will first ask, is what is Camouflage? In actual war time situations, it's use is used by painting a tank, covering it with branches from local flora, and even the fatigues that the men wear.

Evony: Reduce your Prestige, without losing troops

I have told you before, that prestige means troops.  If someone has a lot of prestige, I am less likely to attack them.  On the other hand, if they have a little prestige, I am more likely to use their

Fallen Earth: Zombie Killing exploit

In Odenville, you can get the quest Zombies in Hot Pursuit. You can set the trap and kill the zombies before they get the bait. You can just keep killing them that way for easy exp.