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Detect Camouflaged Tanks trick – Armored Warfare

It dawned on me, that I had actually figured out how to Detect Camouflaged Tanks while playing a match in Armored Warfare. It’s a trick that can means the difference between being killed, and killing an enemy tank. More importantly, it can

Medallion of the Legion reputation trick – WoW

It’s possible to farm Medallion of the Legion for all of your characters, even low level ones, using this trick. Now the nice thing about it, is that it increases your reputation for each of the following factions, all at the

Cancel Animations to Improve DPS – ESO

How can you Cancel Animations to Improve DPS in ESO? By increasing the amount of spells cast, by removing the effect which limits how many we can cast in a limited time frame. SO if you can normally cast 10 spells

Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes – WoW

How would you like to have an Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes? This is one of those unexpected uses for an item which will allow you to call some friends to help you out, no matter which class you are.

Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines – HotS

To use this Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines, you need to understand one thing, the method we will use, is to bait them, moving them in a way to make it easier to take them down. Of course there is

Bane of the Stricken Stack trick – Diablo 3

The Bane of the Stricken Stack trick, is just a quick trick for all you Diablo 3 players.  Players benefit from the Bane of the Stricken Stack trick which allows you to stack them as a Support Monk. This makes it

Permanent Ram Racing Reigns – WoW

Ohhh neat trick here – Permanent Ram Racing Reigns. This is a brewfest item, which usually has a short time to use them. Normally, you only get these reigns for 4 minutes, but with this trick, you will be able to

Unban Riot LOL Account trick

This Unban Riot LOL Account trick, isn’t a repeatable solution, it’s only a one time use, but if you have tried everything else to unban your League of Legends account, then you can use this trick – once.

Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick – WoW

The Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick also works on the Gurubashi Arena in STV! Every 3 hours there is a pvp event for a chest that you can loot. The first 12 times you loot the chest, you aren’t going to get

Temporarily Raise ilvl – WoW

There might be times when you need to Temporarily Raise ilvl in WoW. This might be because you just joined a LFR or LFG queue, and need to ensure that you have the proper ilvl to qualify, or it might be

Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs – Diablo3

This newest Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs, is a game breaking exploit. Imagine having all Hellfire Amulet Passive buffs at once. Thats the newest Diablo 3 game breaking exploit which was discovered mere hours ago. Expect a fix incoming in

DK One Shot Bosses in Old Kingdom – WoW

With the new Timewalking feature, old bosses are being rediscovered, one of them is in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom. A DK One Shot Bosses in this area, using a specific exploit. It’s actually an old exploit, but one which hasn’t been fixed,

Scale Timewalking Gear – WoW

Don’t you wish you could Scale Timewalking Gear in World of Warcraft? I hate it when I pick up a nice piece of WoW gear, only to find I will quickly out level it. This trick allows you to pickup Timewalking gear,

Darrens Bombing Run tricks – WoW

There are several tricks that you can use with the World of Warcraft Quest called Darrens Bombing Run of Awesomeness. If you do not have the quest yet, you can join a battleground, join the Looking for Raid queue, or just

Druid Flying Cat Form Trick – WoW

It’s possible to gain a Druid Flying Cat Form Bug, using a little trick. It should be noted that when you do this, others will also see you in your Druid Flying Cat Form as well, so it’s not just a glitch

11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit – WoW

There is an exploit, which will allow you to have not 10, but rather an 11 Ship Naval Fleet in World of Warcraft. The nice thing about this exploit, is that it’s repeatable. So if you lose some ships, you can

ESO Horse Trick – Unlimited Sprint

If you’re new to ESO, and haven’t yet bought your first horse, then this ESO Horse Trick is something you might find interesting. The ESO Horse Trick makes it so that you don’t need to upgrade your mount, in at least in

Free Frostwolf Battlegear – WoW

This Free Frostwolf Battlegear trick, will allow you to purchase each of the Frostwolf Battlegear pieces at no cost to you. It’s a minimal cost item and for Leather wearing characters only (Rogue, Monk, Druid), but still a nice trick

Double Mundus Stone Buffs trick – ESO

Mundus Stones are available to every player, and can always be interacted with, although only one Mundus Stone buff effect may be active at a time, unless you use this Double Mundus Stone Buffs trick. Interacting with a new Mundus Stone

Tooth and Claw quest 5 Minutes – WoW

Tooth and Claw quest

Sometimes the daily quests we need to complete, are long and tedious. The Tooth and Claw quest is one of those which can normally be one which takes upto an hour. However a method has been found, to reduce the time


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