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Twitch Steam Hacking

Twitch Steam Hacking

There's been a few Twitch Steam Hacking problems over the last few days. In fact a bit of a hoopla over the last couple weeks with Twitch. What is Twitch? Twitch allows you to stream your game play so that others

Trojan Warning: GuardSoftware Hijackware

Trojan: In today's sense, is a program which seems legit, and then drops malware usually of the keylogger persuasion onto your system.  A Trojan program derived from the Protector Rogue Family has re-emerged in recent weeks and is running rampant

Security: How safe is TOR?

When you think about internet security, your first thought should be your own computer's software such as firewall and anti-malware. But what if you want to visit a site with anonymity? Often people will turn to TOR, which is an

Anti-Malware: Free Emergency Tool Kit

Some of you have probably been a bit surprised to find that a cheat site is trying to get you to to install some Anti-Malware tools. In fact you might be thinking that it has no relationship to playing games.

Security: Protect your Laptop from Data Theft

It's not always possible to avoid theft, especially when it comes to laptops, netbooks, and tablets. If the safe in your hotel was too small or the reception desk was too far away or you simply had all eyes and

Mobile Phone Security Warning

I received some disturbing news via my antivirus program. It's about malware on your phone. You see, on average, 25% have passwords on their phones. This is disturbing because if you lose your phone, then you lose access to everything

Path of Exile: WARNING – Fake Bots and Hacks

I hope I got your attention with that title. There are some fake bots (and likely game hacks) floating around. One of them was simply a domain asking for donations in the range of $1500 in order to secure a

News: Adobe Reader 0-Day exploit found – Trojan Dropper

In what might well become a dangerous exploit to have on hand, a group out of Russia called Group-IB have claimed to have found a 0-day (pre-release) exploit which could turn Adobe Reader into a Trojan Dropper. The bad part

Parody: How to keep your computer safe

This parody of how to keep your computer safe, comes courtesy of Groupon... It's a world wild web out there, full of viruses, trojan horses, and cyber mummies. Consult this guide to keeping your computer squeaky clean: A thumbprint on

Did you use Rift Junkies’ Combat Parser?

If you used Rift Junkies Combat Parser... REMOVE THE PARSER - Change your RIFT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY AND Scan your computer with Avast AntiVirus!!! As it happens, their combat parser installation program was full of trojans and key loggers. Many MANY

New Account Hacking Techniques – Protect thyself mortal!

While World of Warcraft is the big dog in the pack, for accounts that are being most often stolen, this news is for all our readers.  It seems there are 2 vulnerabilities in a couple softwares that everyone should be

PDF and Excel trojans

Everytime I think I know most everything there is to know about about the functions and where trojans come from, something new pops up on my radar.  For the context of this blog, you might wonder why I am posting

Passwords: Information and tools to keep them safe

A friend recently asked me to write an article about passwords.  There are a few things I will touch on, first and foremost.  First, you need the best damned AntiVirus program you can afford.  Check this post, for the rated

Battle.net: Desktop EU Authenticator Windows only

I was surprised to see this as anyone, more surprised after I read all that had happened with the new World of Warcraft trojan, and realized this is probably the method used to perpetrate the deed.  This is a simple

WoW: Authenticator users targeted by trojan middleman attack

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Blizzard Authenticator users are now being targeted to have their accounts hacked.  Long thought to be the safest way to keep your account safe, Authenticators users are now the target of

System Protection… use it or lose it

I like to update you about the tools, that I use to protect my system from account thieves (trojans/keyloggers), spyware, and viruses.