Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

Pretty straight forward, this Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial teaches how to make a script for either a gaming mouse or non-gaming mouse. It does not however have the macro itself, you will need to do that yourself. I do not expect you to have much difficulties if you have even a basic understanding or creating them.

Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

This Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial will work on the M4 or with the Burst Assault Rifle, and either a gaming mouse with its own macro software or an external program like AutoIt or AutoHotKey. But if you use either of those, do make sure to compile the script to help ensure that they remain undetectable.

Gaming Mouse Software

  1. Open the mouse's software
  2. Go into option for the 1MouseButton and setup a macro, set the macro as a CTRL and a G.
  3. Go Into Fortnite and set the fire button to g

Non-Gaming Mouse

  1. Download and install a macro software
  2. Set a macro to the click button as CTRL and G
  3. Go into Fortnite and set the fire button to g

You do not have to use the G key to fire, you can use whichever key you want, but you will need to change it in the macro, and in the keyboard settings within Fortnite.

Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

Have fun, do not show off, nor share that you know about this Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script. Thanks to user: 666Mental for the info.

Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass

Fortnite HWID Ban BypassOops, you got HWID Banned from Fortnite. Perhaps by cheating, using a script, maybe a bot, or even an aimbot and didn't take precautions. It's some serious crap, and the work around can be expensive - unless you use this Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass method, which you should start doing right now anyways.

The most common way to fix a HWID ban, is to change your computer configuration. The HWID basically creates a hash based on all of your components including your hard drive serial number, ram, graphics card, and even your sound card. Changing one component and rebooting, can allow your HWID to change, but the costs can be explosive. If you've been HWID banned, knowing this is a good thing, but can get expensive. Of course when your HWID changes, it can make your Windows version inoperable. But heres some good news, there is a cheaper way to get around the Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass.

Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass

So if you get struck by the Ban Hammer, your account is gone and you'll need to make a new account. But the problems don't stop there. When Fortnite issues a ban, they also HWID Ban you. A HWID ban is pretty serious and the only way to start playing again will be by using our Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass. The sad news, is that you will need to do it every time you get banned. But alas, the good news, is that the Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass does work, and it will allow you to play again (with a new account)

Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass Method

Here's this shitty part. It starts with reinstalling Windows. That's the last thing any one would want to do. But the good news, is that the first time you do it, is the hardest. Once you do it, it's going to be easier. Much easier in fact since we are going to "cheat" our way through it - without messing with your current version of windows.

Note: Even if you haven't been banned, but are using cheats, scripts, aimbots, or anything else which could get you banned, it's a good idea to do this anyways. Be prepared and then you'll never have to worry about it.

Fortnite HWID Ban Bypass Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 ISO
  • 32GB Pendrive USB 3.0 Amazon | eBay
  • Time  6

You'll be installing Windows on a USB, install your grapix drivers, and run the game without any KICK, if you get banned again, Reinstall Windows on that same USB. Bonus: You won't need to redownload Fortnite.If you did this correctly, you won't be kicked after jumping from the Bus anymore!

Note: this HWID Ban Bypass can also be used with other games or utilities which offer HWID Bans. Follow the steps with a little modification and you'll be on your way to being unbanned.

Making Real Money from Online Games

It's really easy to start Making Real Money from Online Games, but it starts with a will to make the money and to do the work. I used to make $5000 a month, and it had nothing to do with running a cheat site. It was an entirely different model.

I am going to teach you some of the secrets, including how to get started, making a beginning website, getting sales, and even how to verify if someone is legit - which is to say verifying the customer. This is the hardest part to learn, because no one - except me, is going to teach you how really simple it actually is. 

Making Real Money from Online Games

Before I start teaching you how you can be Making Real Money from Online Games, I need to go over some basics. There are several different ways to make money. You can sell guides, gold, bot packages, exploits, accounts, leveling services, or even bots if you have programming knowledge on your side - but you don't even need that knowledge - if you have a good online charisma, but we'll go into that in a bit.

NOTE: I will be revealing trade secrets here. As such, this guide is only for VIP members only. I would love to give the information for free, but I don't want Blizzard or any other online game company to know the methods which we use to circumvent their security. Please do not steal the information and then leak it onto other websites - this information WILL get to the public and then be useless. Even posting the information here, is a breach of knowledge and I have gotten threats not to post it in the past.

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

Final Words

Making Real Money from Online Games isnt hard with knowledge. The hardest part you now have is simply using the resources as I have given them, and taking the time to follow through. I have worked with several people who are still in this business and make money on the side. Some of them no longer do anything else. Some of them dropped out of college and make more doing this, than they would in a "real job". It takes perseverance, and it's not for everyone. 

I have one final advice in this Making Real Money from Online Games guide. Don't push the sale. Let the product sell itself, and if someone isn't interested, or wants you to prove you are legitimate, leave the chat, and tell them to find another seller. It's not worth the time nor the hassle to go after sales that badly.

Overwatch Aimbot Creation Tutorial – Scripting

InsteadOverwatch Aimbot Creation Tutorial of just sharing an aimbot (click here), we decided to show you this Overwatch Aimbot Creation Tutorial. Using Cheat Engine, you are able to find the pointers, and create your own aimbot. Of course you should make every effort to protect yourself, including by masking the Cheat Engine, or better yet compiling your own (to make an undetectable version). But what you learn in this tutorial may help you in Overwatch, but also in other First Person Shooters (CSGO, Player Unknowns, Battlefront 2, etc.).

At the bottom of this tutorial, we will share with you a few tools you can use to help mask your Cheat Engine to make it less detectable. Be sure you get a copy of each of the tools, and understand their usage before attempting this tutorial. Continue reading "Overwatch Aimbot Creation Tutorial – Scripting"

Aim Mastery Tutorial – All FPS Games Guide

Aim Mastery TutorialThis Aim Mastery Tutorial, will teach you what you need to know improve your aim, even if they aren't yet in your crosshairs. Lessons, Settings, and Gear are all covered. Keep in mind that the lessons you learn here can be applied to many FPS games including but not limited to Overwatch, CSGO, Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and even World of Tanks.

Use the information in this Aim Mastery Tutorial to learn everything you can to help you to master not only the characters you choose to play, but also the game in general.

Aim Mastery Tutorial

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Aim Theory

Everyone develops their own style of aim that is a combination of different ones.

IDDQD for example tracks targets, Taimou almost exclusively flicks and both are considered to be top McCree players.

Tracking aim means to keep your crosshair on a target and accurately following it when it moves. This is the basis for good aim and getting comfortable with the movement of your mouse is very important.

Flicking aim is keeping your crosshair at a distance to the enemy and then moving it on them with a very quick movement. Every player will rely on these movements, the difference is the distance of flicks they’re comfortable with. If you are very good at tracking you won’t need to flick as far, if you are very good at flicking you will not need to track as well.

Strafing just means using your hero’s movement to adjust your aim. You don’t have to move your crosshair (as much) if you move your character. It is easier to aim while standing still, however you are also very vulnerable. That’s why it is important to learn how to aim while moving.

This requires the most gamesense. It means keeping your crosshair to where you expect your enemy to come from. Usually you want to keep it at the corner of a doorway or pillar. Overwatch has a lot of verticality so expecting the height of the enemy to get a headshot is beneficial.

Projectile aim
You still use all of the techniques but they’ll be of different importance. Pre-aiming is very important for any hero who spams fire – which is most. Shooting a Zenyatta RMB at head-height can instantly kill many heroes.

In addition to just moving your crosshair you have to take into account the enemy’s movement – prediction is a skill that comes with time just like leading your target correctly.

Tracking with eyes/crosshair

Keep eyes on the enemy, not the crosshair. At the start this will be difficult but as you develop muscle memory for your aim this will feel natural. Keeping your eyes on your target means you’re less prone to tunnel vision


In Overwatch it applies to any damage without travel time. If your crosshair is hovering over an enemy and you fire the damage will register with no way to dodge the shot.

  • McCree, Widowmaker, Soldier 76, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer, Bastion, DVa, Ana’s scoped shots, Zarya’s Beam


Projectiles are pretty much everything else. They’re damage with travel time, you have to lead a moving target to hit it. They’re actual objects and can all be dodged or absorbed by DVa’s defense matrix. except hook

  • Genji, Pharah, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjörn, Pilot DVa, Roadhog, Ana’s hipfire, sleepdart and grenade, Lucio, Mercy’s pistol, Symmetra’s orbs, Zenyatta, McCree’s Flashbang, Soldier’s helix, Tracer’s bomb, Reinhardt’s Firestrike

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Practice Methods


The most important thing is to have the right mindset. You need to consciously practice with the goal to improve in your mind. Make sure you know where you land your shots and don’t go into autopilot.

McCree is one of the best heroes to practice. Even if you play projectile heroes you will get used to the way your crosshair moves and will be more accurate in both flicking and tracking. These skills directly translate to most projectile heroes.

There are some tricks you can do anywhere, even at the start of a match when you are just waiting. Try this out!

Just focus on any spot of the landscape, move around and try to keep your crosshair on it.

Now move your crosshair away and quickly flick it back to the spot. Go slow first and accelerate when you can remain accurate.

Practice Range:

The Bots move in very predictable patterns. To not fall into a habit you have to trick yourself and vary your training. Here are some techniques you can try, be creative in how you use them

Simply keep your crosshair on one of the bots and keep it there while it moves around. If you’re comfortable, start by moving around yourself.

Try to hit has many headshots as you can. Accuracy is most important, be sure you hit the shots. Move around, strafe or crouch to make it more difficult.

Flick from bot to bot until you are comfortable with the distance of the movement, then kill them

Stand still and keep your crosshair focused on one spot. Then from this position quickly move it to the bot and shoot. Again, start slowly and accelerate the movement when you are comfortable.

Keep your crosshair off the bot and then quickly flick to it. Make sure to try different distances and angles – flick from the left and right, top or bottom.

If you don’t play McCree you can get comfortable with the speed at which projectiles fly by just sitting still and trying to hit moving bots at long range.

Tracer is all about tracking while moving. Start by just following the heads of bots around, then incorporate movement, then incorporate blinking.

In the end you can combine everything you’ve been doing: Jump and move around, flick and track, mix it up and kill as much as you can.

This movement is quite important for many characters, especially Tracer and Genji. Try doing a good 180 turn. Once you’re comfortable try reacting quickly and shooting a bot to train your reflexes.

Get comfortable with burst firing. For very long range targets 3-4 bullet bursts.

Keep your crosshair on the enemy, scope in and shoot. Getting the timing right requires practice but it’s a very useful tool of hers.

Custom Games -  Settings for the new custom games.

Ana Bots headshots

Create a custom skirmish game with the settingsAim Mastery Tutorial - Settings in the image on the right, and 6 hard Ana bots on the enemy team.

Ana can not headshots so you will not take any damage. Pick a hero like McCree, Widowmaker or a Projectile one like Mei and start! My favorite maps are Anubis, Nepal Village and Hanamura. You can also add one or two Lucio bots, their speedboost will make it harder!

A motionless bot is easy to hit. Wait until they move, track them and then shoot.

You have to be a lot more accurate to hit these bots than in the training area.

Ana’s movement is predictable. Just ‘plant’ your crosshair where you know she’ll go and try to shoot her when she is just under it. This’ll help your reaction time.

No doubt a big part of Widow’s arsenal. This setting is pretty good practice since you have no cooldown on the hook.

You can do this training with any projectile hero who is able to headshot – it’s good to get used to how much you have to lead a target to hit them.

Lucio Bots

Use these settings in a custom skirmish game and add 6 easy Lucio’s to the enemy team. They’ll have a very hard time killing you but they are dodgy targets. Especially good practice for tracking.

Add Lucio bots to your team if you don’t want to be the sole focus. They’ll heal you so you don’t have to worry about HP.

Normal Bots

Use these settings in a custom skirmish game and add 6 easy bots to the enemy team. Add 3-4 easy bots to your team so you aren’t the only target.

Some notes: Don’t add Bastion he deals too much damage. Roadhog’s hooks and Zarya’s shields are annoying.

I like this practice because you will have to shoot different hitboxes, use cover and dodge. You’ll be difficult to kill but not invincible.

Other Games

All FPS games will help your aim. You’ll improve your reaction time, get more comfortable with the necessary hand-eye coordination and develop more experience.

However they are not the same. Even if you manage to get an approximately close sensitivity the FoV of a game built in a different engine will always mean that aiming isn’t 1:1 the same as it would be in Overwatch. Movement/Strafing is different, speed and hitboxes aren’t the same.

  • Quake

Fast-paced arena shooter. Great for learning dueling, reaction times and tracking

  • TF2

Team-based shooter with different classes. Has a lot of customization and custom maps to practice projectiles, prediction and aiming

  • CS:GO

Classic MP FPS, has many custom maps designed for improving aim.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Posture and Mouse Grip

It’s recommended to sit straight and have good posture. That’s not really going to affect your performance but it is important to maintain consistency. If you change your posture, keep slumping down and then straightening up it’ll affect your aim

Mouse Grip - See Image

Once you settled on a way to hold your mouse it’s difficult to switch between types of grips. There are advantages to each style. Whichever you pick you need to be comfortable with your mouse. Claw or Fingertip grip will likely not do as well when they have to move a large and heavier mouse quickly. Your fingers and wrist might also tire out quicker.

Arm vs. Wrist aiming

There are professional players at the highest level who do either so you aren’t limited by a style.

However Arm aiming is suggested because if you strain your wrist heavily you’re more susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome or tiring out.

In the end you’ll still incorporate wrist movement with ‘Arm aiming’ to fine-tune your shots. In theory at the highest level movements with your arm will provide you with more consistent linear movements, ideal for flicks. Wrist aiming is more responsive since it is less affected by inertia and so it is good for accurate tracking.

Lucky explaining the difference

CS:GO player n0thing discussion Arm vs. Wrist playing

Sitting Healthy

Your chair should be just high enough so your feet can rest flat on the ground with knees bent at a 90° angle. The table should be low enough so when you reach for your keyboard your elbows are bent at a comfortable 90° angle, otherwise this might lead you to slouch. The screen should be at eye-level or slightly below. Ideally your keyboard is in a slightly tilted position.

Make sure to take a minute break or so every half hour to rest your eyes and stretch your back and wrists.

Arm placement

Consider this video. Different professional players have very different styles. It’s hard to tell if there is an “optimal” placement. You want something that doesn’t limit your aim and where you have the maximum amount of control.

If you rest your elbow/forearm on the table it’ll limit your speed and range of movements. Some even place their keyboard to the side, mouse in the middle of the monitor allowing for a wider range of movements from the shoulder.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Sensitivity & DPI

Check out my thread: Finding the Correct Sensitivity – a comprehensive Guide and Introduction

DPI means Dots Per Inch. A higher number will mean that your mouse moves faster.

Sensitivity is the number you use ingame.

Effective DPI, eDPI is just Sensitivity*DPI. For example 800DPI*6 Sens is the same as 1600DPI*3 Sens = 4800

cm/360: Another way to measure the overall sensitivity. This number simply means how many centimeters you have to move your mouse to do a full 360° turn. You can measure it yourself or use a calculator to find out.

What should you use:

It’s personal preference however most people will have an easier time to track if they have a low sensitivity. Since Overwatch requires a lot of quick movements a very low sensititvity is hard to work with. For example with a very low sens a Genji might not be able to do 180’s fluidly.

Pros usually use 4000-5600 eDPI, lower for hitscan, higher for projectile experts.

Scoped Sensitivity affects only Ana’s and Widowmaker’s scoped-in vision

this assumes a fov of 103

I recommend 38

Scoped in you have exactly half the FoV you do with hipfire. The sensitivity works around that.

With 100 scoped sens you will turn just as fast as you would with hipfire. However it’ll feel twice as fast since your FoV is halved.

With 50 scoped sens you will turn half as fast – however it’ll feel the same speed.

With 44 scoped sens is the zoomed-in sensitivity in CS:GO in case you come from that shooter

With 38 scoped sens you will be able to perform small flicks as if you were firing hipfire.

With 28 you might have an easier time tracking and flicking targets since those movements are usually very small

Check out this graph about approximate 1:1 movement. (by /u/d07RiV)

Read a great explanation here

(Windows Pointer Speed This doesn’t affect you in Overwatch except for the menus but if you want to disable acceleration for a more consistent feeling overall you want this set to 6 and ‘Enhance pointer precision’ off.)
Different Sens for different heroes?
It might be useful to have a different sensitivity for heroes like Reinhardt, Winston or Lucio where aim is less important than movement.

However accuracy relies on muscle memory and playing on a different sensitivity will not help build this, rather it might confuse you. You can absolutely build two different types of muscle memories but it will take longer and I don’t recommend it unless you play a lot and consistently.

Pixel Skipping:

Pixel Skipping is an issue in pretty much every shooter. Basically it prevents pixel-perfect aim by skipping a tiny distance while you try to move your mouse. Taimou demonstrates. See this calculator to find out if your sensitivity will skip pixels for your resolution.

A more accurate term for this phenomenon would be ‘angular granularity’. You don’t exactly skip pixels but angles. This is because of the way dpi works in 3d games. Basically if you have 400dpi your cursor will move 400 steps per inch of real movement. These steps are measured in angles and multiplied by your ingame sensitivity. A higher sensitivity means that the steps you move your cursor with are less fine than with a lower sens. So theoretically 40 DPI and 100 Sensitivity moves your crosshair at the same speed as 800/5 but you will hit only 40 steps on the way instead of 800. Unless you have a high sensitivity of 15 or more you shouldn’t worry about it. Nobody has pixel-perfect aim. Pro’s not only in OW use 800 or lower DPI, it’s more important that your mouse performs well at the DPI you set it to. For every tiny chance you miss an enemy because of pixel-skipping there is an equally tiny chance that you hit an enemy that you would’ve otherwise missed.

This is a non-issue really, however if you do want to work around it you can use a higher DPI and a lower ingame sensitivity.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Crosshair choice


Pick a color that you’ll be able to see in every environment and situation.

Most choose a bright, stand-out color like pink or neon-green. Some prefer white or black but those might get lost in dark or bright areas.


You want to have your crosshair visible but not intrusive. For this reason many pick short crosshair over the normal one and dot over circle. If you’re playing a Hero that has to move around a lot and might lose track of their crosshair (Genji for example) you may want to choose a more visible one.

Short crosshair will have a small gap in the middle, while the dot is quite big and will cover far-away enemies fully.

For some characters it can be useful to use the default crosshair. Hanzo’s can be used to gauge arrow-drop. Zarya’s acts as indicator for her energy.

The Circle crosshair is useful for characters who have to control spread. With Soldier it starts out with a dot to indicate pinpoint accuracy and then a circle expands to show off the spread.


For some heroes Bloom is useful. Controlling Soldier’s or Sombra’s spread is important and enabling Bloom is helpful.

For others it might serve as an indicator as the amount of damage you can deal – shotgun characters like Reaper or Roadhog will be able to use the bloom to estimate the spread.

In the end, if you’re comfortable with a hero you will know where to aim and you won’t need to enable bloom. For Tracer it’s more useful to have a small crosshair so you can accurately hit headshots as you don’t need to control spread.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Gear

Gear is secondary to skill but it still makes an impact. A good mouse is more responsive, a good mousepad will help the movement, a Bungee keeps the cable out of the way, a monitor with a good response and refresh rate will make the experience more fluid.


Big Names are Logitech, Zowie, Razer and Steelseries. There are important factors to consider:

  • Sensor

This affects a variety of factors. Tracking, Accuracy, Smoothing, Acceleration and more. Most modern mice will have a different feel in this regard to them but still perform at a very good level.

  • Polling Rate

The rate at which the mouse communicates with your PC. Higher is better in theory but the difference between 500 and 1000hz will be hardly noticeable and most modern mice will be around that number.

  • Shape.

One of the most important decisions to make. Mouse size should be determined by hand size. A smaller mouse is also usually better for a claw-grip. Some people like a rounder, ambidextrous mouse, some like one that fits their palm better. This is a very personal decision.


It’s important that a mousepad is smooth, consistent, responsive for your mouse and, again, feels right for you. Buying a large mousepad is recommended – if you have the desk space it simply gives you more room so you won’t have to lift your mouse as much.

Mousepads have different amounts of friction. Cloth mousepads usually have more friction than hard mousepads which means faster stopping of the mouse but slightly lower acceleration.

There are many options like the Steelseries QcK+, Razer Goliathus or Zowie GS-R.


Size doesn’t matter but the resolution should be 16:9 as that is the biggest aspect ratio that Overwatch supports. If, for example, you get a ultrawidescreen then the top and bottom of the image will be cut off by black bars – you don’t get a wider FoV.

Refresh Rate is the most important thing to watch out for. 60hz is the standard, meaning you see 60 frames per second. Most professional players use 144hz, there are monitors with an even better rate now. A higher refresh rate means a smoother image and you’ll see movement a fraction of a second earlier.

Reaction Time is how quickly the monitor can change the image. That means the difference between a 8ms and a 5ms reaction time monitor will be that one will show an image 3ms faster – a very minor factor but something to consider nonetheless.

Common cheap ones are Asus VG248QE or BenQ XL2411Z.

Mouse Bungee

Something to keep the mouse cord out of the way. Buy any or simply get a piece of tape and stick it to your monitor/wall/speaker.


Most keyboards will do the job just fine but it’s good to have a responsive one. Pros use mechanical keyboards but any will do. One thing to consider is the N-Key Rollover test, see if your keyboard manages to pass here.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Settings

Optimal settings will vary from person to person and from PC to PC. Try different settings and see which you prefer.


To start, more FPS is better. Input lag is directly linked to framerate if Reduce Buffering isn’t enabled. Having a higher Framerate than your monitor’s refresh rate will mean that the game runs smoother and the images will be display a tiny fraction of a second earlier.

Sample Video Settings

Taimou’s settings

Almost everything is on Low or Off to reach the highest FPS possible.

  • Reduce Buffering

Definitely enable this as long as you don’t take a major hit to performance. Read a good explanation what it does here and watch Battle(non)sense’s video analysis here

  • FoV and Aspect Ratio

103 FoV and 16:9 are standard and the best you can go for. Unlike other games you need the maximum awareness in Overwatch and those two settings are the only option to attain that.

  • Limit FPS

If you have a 60 hz monitor you won’t benefit much from 300 fps. You can limit it to ~150 to save your graphics card work.

If you get huge spikes in FPS you should consider capping it. To keep your aim consistent you have to keep the factors involved consistent. Not only your mouse, mousepad, posture but also your FPS.

Playing on my Laptop I have FPS capped at 50, otherwise it would overheat and cause stuttering

  • Render Scale

I prefer 100% because it looks less blurry but many pros play with 75% to get a higher and smoother Framerate.

  • Texture/Filtering Quality

Having this on High doesn’t have much of an impact and it makes the game look much better


Sound Settings

Music isn’t required to play the game and it might distract from important Audio cues.

Dolby Atmos gives you an improved sense of the direction sounds are coming from. Unlike standard 7.1 this is supported specifically by blizzards to pinpoint the actual direction so enabling this will be an advantage. Make sure to disable other digital surround sound programs as they will interfere with it.

7.1 in most headsets doesn’t really do anything different to dolby atmos. Since almost all headphones are stereo it’s all simulated. They don’t have 7+1 speakers, just two. So they get information from the game and from there it’ll try to ‘move’ the sound into the right location by using EQ, volume and panning it to the side. What Dolby Atmos does is the same thing except it’s from the game, not your headphone drivers. So you get a sound experience that’s very generalized, probably optimized for precision positional awareness. From that I assume stem all the complaints that the sounds aren’t as clear since it doesn’t take the headphone types into account like native 7.1 would. Others say that while more precise other sounds further away are very difficult to hear so you might spot footsteps earlier with it off. Now where it gets interesting is that most 7.1 headphones simulate exactly an eight speaker setup – 8 spots where sound comes from. Dolby Atmos in theory isn’t limited by that and could simulate many more or more accurate positions. In the end, try both, see what fits better.

Aim Mastery Tutorial - Video Resources

Other Resources 

Overwatch Gamer's Guide

You will notice that some of the information in this Aim Mastery Tutorial, wasn't written specifically for Overwatch. Some of the resources are also for other games. Its because all games share common ground, and each of the games can be used to practice in other games. All-in-all this will make you a stronger player in all First Person Shooter Games.

Overwatch Aim Masery Tutorial written by user Nitia

Game Hacking 101 – epub download, DRM free

Game Hacking 101You need this lesson on Game Hacking 101 whether you want to learn the intricacies of a game to learn to develop your own hack, or if you want to learn how to protect your game from game hackers. 

Game Hacking 101 will teach you what you need to become a true game hacker. Learn the basics, like reverse engineering, assembly code analysis, programmatic memory manipulation, and code injection, and hone your new skills with hands-on example code and practice binaries.

You don’t need to be a wizard to transform a game you like into a game you love. Imagine if you could give your favorite PC game a more informative heads-up display or instantly collect all that loot from your latest epic battle. With Game Hacking 101, you will learn just that.

Game Hacking 101 Lessons

  • Scan and modify memory with Cheat Engine
  • Explore program structure and execution flow with OllyDbg
  • Log processes and pinpoint useful data files with Process Monitor
  • Manipulate control flow through NOPing, hooking, and more
  • Locate and dissect common game memory structures

You’ll even discover the secrets behind common game bots, including:

  • Extrasensory perception hacks, such as wallhacks and heads-up displays
  • Responsive hacks, such as autohealers and combo bots
  • Bots with artificial intelligence, such as cave walkers and automatic looters

Game hacking seems like Black Magic Fuckery, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you understand how bots are made, you’ll be better positioned to defend against them in your own games. Journey through the inner workings of PC games with Game Hacking 101, and leave with a deeper understanding of both game design and computer security.

Download Game Hacking 101

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

We recommend the following for anti-detection of game hacks and bots. Run daily on the original downloads!

Now onto the download...

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Game Hacking 101 written by Nick Cano.

Turn off File Explorer Ads – Windows 10 Tutorial

Here's a tutorial to Turn off File Explorer Ads in Windows 10. It's not the first time we've seen ads. First there were the ads in the start menu - their "Suggestions", as it were (settings >> personalization >> Start >> “Occasionally Show Suggestions in Start”). Now we're getting or going to get ads in File Explorer. This is probably the same reason I use Chrome and Firefox - I can install Adblocker, versus Edge.

Turn off File Explorer Ads in Windows 10 - Tutorial

It's just a small ad, but these small ads add up to millions per day and lag for us to download more ads. This can affect your gaming speed, which as a game related site, we feel is an unnecessary evil which can be shut off.

Turn off File Explorer Ads - Windows 10 Tutorial

Here are the steps to Turn off File Explorer Ads in Windows 10

  1. Launch File Explorer and the click View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  2. In the Folder Options dialog that pops up, select the View tab.
  3. In the Advanced Settings box, scroll down and uncheck the option labeled “Show sync provider notifications.”
  4. Hit OK.

Now that should turn off any ads you might see in Windows' File Explorer. I am sure there will be more later, but for now, you should be safe from invasive ads.

Pro Guide to Mercy – Overwatch

Pro Guide to Mercy - OverwatchSuddenly, with the new Mercy skin we need a Pro Guide to Mercy for Overwatch. Why? Because more and more people are playing Mercy, but without the understanding to make the most of this toon.

Having a fundamental understanding of Mercy will allow you to make the best of your experience, and to better help your team to win more.

Pro Guide to Mercy for Overwatch

In this Pro Guide to Mercy for Overwatch, we're going to cover where you should stand in a battle, who your greatest allies are, and who you can best counter. When you learn your strengths, and know your weaknesses, you can become a much more stable character to play.


This is the first section of this guide because of how crucial it really is. A poorly positioned Mercy is just a huge beacon for the other team that says “kill me!”

I will note: stay alive no matter what. If that means leaving your Reinhardt or Roadhog to get away from a small danger, do it.


The biggest mistake new Mercy players make (or any support, for that matter) is not staying back. You are the weakest hero in terms of killing in the game, stay away from the enemy! Prevent as many lines of sight as you possibly can, especially from Heroes like:

  • Roadhog
  • McCree
  • Widowmaker
  • Hanzo
  • Soldier: 76

These guys have range, and even if they don’t kill you, they’ll put you in a shitty situation if they damage you, as somebody can come finish off your remaining health.

Furious Paul's Overwatch Guide

Synergies and Counters

Pick Good Friends

While it may be somewhat tempting to rush in and heal a Genji or Tracer at Critical, this breaks the golden rule of staying back. Call to group up, if they don’t, forget about them. You are hardly missing out on any healing. It’s them playing wrong, not you.

Try to stay with a Tank. One who can kill flankers and keep you alive are the best ones. Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog, and a Winston assuming he is playing defensively.

  • Reinhardt: He is your knight in shining armor. We’ll discuss later how he counters most of your counters. He has a lot of health, and can feed you your Ultimate. He is your best friend.
  • Zarya: She has the most potential to keep you in alive if you make a mistake, or get flanked.
  • Roadhog: A lot of Ultimate charge from him, and you only need to Damage Boost him once his hooked enemy is ready to be shot. He also kills a lot of your Counters
  • Winston: Can kill most of your counters, but will need a lot of upkeep, as he takes a lot of hits when attacking. Don’t stay with him, but keep an eye on him.

Always have an escape route. Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Bastion are long range heroes, and should be safe from most immediate threats if you’re on Defense.

Offense is a little bit more tricky. Pharah is almost required for you to be safe from flankers like Tracer and Genji if your team can’t punish them for focusing you. Here’s a few Offense Heroes you want to stick with:

  • Pharah: Probably the best synergy with Mercy. She will make playing so much easier. You will go from being easy to kill to nearly impossible to kill just by having her on your team. She also benefits a lot from your Damage Boost. It will allow her to 1-shot Tracer.
  • McCree: Huge damage, and you can bolster that further. Won’t change his TTK, but will give you decent Ultimate Charge.
  • Soldier: 76: Decent damage, and can be a good “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” relationship. He can place his Biotic Field down to heal you when you’re low, assuming you can keep him from needing it for himself.

Don’t do your job alone, either! Have a Lúcio, Ana, or Zenyatta help you out with keeping your team alive. I’ll get into “why” later on. Just know that it’s very important.

Thine Enemies

Mercy has no direct counters, as she should never fight unless in dire need (we’ll get into that later). However, some heroes interfere with her playstyle.

  • Tracer: The most notorious counter. A very good Tracer can completely focus and kill you, all while your team is trying protecting you.

How to Avoid: Positioning. Make it hard for you to find her, and always have an escape route. She has no versatility, and very limited range. Fly to somebody higher up, and you’ll be safe for a few seconds. If there is no other option, walk backwards and shoot her. Aim for center mass, not for the head.

  • Genji: He can make playing Mercy impossible. He can get you after you get to a higher teammate. He is slower than Tracer however, and most Tanks counter him.

How to Avoid: Stay with your Tanks. Reinhardt, Zarya, Winston, and Roadhog all can deal with Genji somewhat easily. Do not fight back with a Genji unless you are certain his Deflect is down. Flying to a Pharah can work if she is high up enough.

  • Widowmaker: She herself is not usually a huge problem, but her Ultimate is the real issue. She can make the entire team know exactly where you are.

How to Avoid: Stay out of her line of sight at all times, or behind a Reinhardt. When she uses her Ultimate, move back further. Play like there is a Tracer trying to kill you. You should be the last target the other team has a chance to kill. This also makes her Resurrect somewhat weaker. We’ll get into that later.

  • Hanzo: Same thing as Widowmaker. He has a Wall hack Arrow, and an attack that can go through walls. His arrows deal massive damage.

Furious Pau's Overwatch Strategy GuideHow to Avoid: Don’t let him see you. If you see a Sonar Arrow, move away from it.

  • Roadhog: He will kill you. He will fuck up your positioning. Don’t let him.

How to Avoid: The Hooks! Don’t put him in a position where he can hook you. Ever. He will, because there is nothing you can do to fight back, and not much your teammates can do either.

  • Zarya: While Zarya can have very high damage, that’s not an issue, as her range is quite low, and she has no mobility. The issue is her Ultimate. This will kill you if you are pulled in about 99% of the time.

How to Avoid: Stay out of a Graviton Surge’s Range no matter what. It can pull through walls, but this isn’t an issue unless the have a Hanzo and his Ultimate.

  • Ana: She has range, which can be problematic, but her Biotic Grenade is the real issue. This stops your self healing, and the healing of your friends.

How to Avoid: Avoiding her gun is easy, just stay out of her sight, but that grenade can hit teammates. When they are unable to be healed, heal other people, and if that’s not possible, hold a damage boost on them just so they know you’re there.

  • Zenyatta: Discord Orb. That’s all. Your chances of dying skyrocket as soon as that is placed on you.

How to Avoid: Don’t give him sight lines. Ever.


Heroes Never Die!

Resurrect is arguably the best Ultimate in the game, but, it must be used correctly. In this case, the only thing to talk about are scenarios. I can’t list every scenario in the game, so a lot of learning this Ultimate comes from experience, and gut feeling.

The best way to use this ability is to hide. If you can, do it. This alone is the reason why having another Support Hero is vital, as you are out of the game until you are done hiding, but it is the most effective use of her Ultimate.

Try to save your Resurrect for at least two people. If you see two dead, and at least one other teammates besides you is alive, Resurrect. This can change a fight in your team’s favor.

Zarya, Reaper, and Reinhardt are your best Solo-Resurrection candidates. They have very game changing abilities. Solo Resurrect if they have their Ultimate and have a good opportunity to use it.

Ich Ben Da!

Mercy has wings. Let her be a peacock and fly! This ability has a 2 second Cooldown. Use it of you can. I recommend you make it non-toggled (this is changed in the Control section of the menu). This gives you optimal control, and helps you follow the golden rule of “Stay Back!”

This ability immediately resets upon use of your Ultimate. Right after a Resurrect, get the fuck out. Your enemies will not be happy to her you yell “Helden sterben nicht!” after a 4-man Ultimate.

Furious Paul's Overwatch Strategy GuideDid Someone Call a Doctor?

Mercy heals 60 HPS. This is enough to out-heal some sources of damage that are not 100% accurate. Preference people in combat if you are not solo Support.

If you are solo Support, your main job is to keep that healing beam up. Heal tanks first, unless somebody is critical. You do not have to fully heal somebody once you start! Reinhardt is fine for a few seconds at 350 Health, halt on healing him, and heal your Critical DPS players first.

Powered Up!

Mercy has a unique ability to Damage Boost teammates (30% extra damage). As much as the Genji or Hanzo say “Hey Mercy, keep that Damage Boost on me!” don’t listen. Use it only when needed.

The best people to use this on are as follows:

  • Pharah
  • McCree
  • Soldier: 76
  • Zarya
  • Bastion
  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog
  • Hanzo
  • Widowmaker

Notice how nobody on here is a close range Hero? That’s for a reason. Unless they are staying back, don’t damage boost them. Reaper, Genji, Tracer, Winston, and D.Va need to be up close to be effective. You are not effective up close.

If you've read this Pro Guide to Mercy in Overwatch in full, and still need help, then it's time for you to head on over to meet with Furious Paul. There is a lot more for you to learn, and you need to learn it to become a top tier player.

credit to neck_crow for this Pro Guide to Mercy in Overwatch, an upper 3900 player.

Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on Finding Trove Fishing Pointers. This works for any fishbot created for Trove, which allows you to manually enter in the fishing pointer address. A correct Trove Fishing Pointer should look like 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c.


Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Instructions

To start, you will need the following;

  1. We start with Cheat Engine. 
  2. Start Trove.
  3. Attach Cheat Engine to the Trove Process
  4. Now do the following:
    • Set scan value to 1
    • Start fishing in water
    • finding-trove-fishing-pointersWhile lure is shaking, scan on CE
    • Set value as 0
    • Scan
    • Repeat
  5. You should have at least 1 address left. If you don't, then you will need to start over and try again.
  6. The first address is often the correct one.
  7. Pointer scan for this address (max level : 4)
  8. Now repeat from step 2 to 5 and filter the scan
  9. Get the one with correct offsets : 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c (this may be different then what you found, it's only an example)
  10. Take the address, and enter it into your configurable Trove Fish Bot

Now repeat the steps when fishing in Chocolate or Lava!

The first couple times you go about Finding Trove Fishing Pointers, it might be a bit difficult, but after a short time you should be able to do it without referencing this tutorial. 

DayZ Swimming Glitch Guide

Unfortunately, you can't see yourself doing the DayZ Swimming Glitch. But if you bring a friend, the friend can verify for you, that you are doing it, also screenshot, or video you doing it. The best thing about the DayZ Swimming Glitch, is that it makes you harder to hit. Continue reading "DayZ Swimming Glitch Guide"

WoW Blender Tutorials

WoW Blender TutorialsIf you're into WoW Model Editing either for the use of making videos, changing the game, or even just for learning purposes, then these WoW Blender Tutorials are just what you've been looking for. These 4 videos in this WoW Blender Tutorials series along with a list of shortcuts and tips will make it easier for you to get on your feet quickly. Join the forums and share your model edits! Continue reading "WoW Blender Tutorials"

Free Rift Mount Tutorial

Your First Rift Mount, Free Rift Mountdoesn't need to cost you any plat, which is hard in the beginning to collect anyways. Playing without a mount slows down the game, but having one, albeit a slow one, still speeds the game up immensely. This simple tutorial will teach you how to get a new 60% Rift Mount costing you nothing, which can be used and gained on all new characters on your account. Continue reading "Free Rift Mount Tutorial"

Free Minecraft eBook

It's not everyday you can get a Free Minecraft eBook , which is not only free but new as well. This Free Minecraft eBook, was released on July 17, 2014 so you can be sure it has the latest content, unlike some of those other Minecraft eBooks which are turning 5 years old. No subscription required today, just click on the image to the right, or read more about the guide and scroll down to get the link. 

This All-In-One Free Minecraft eBook has anything you need ranging from the basic information all the way to combat and building AWESOME Designs and Traps. Minecraft: All-In-One Ultimate Player’s Guide is great for both beginners and advanced players!

UPDATE: VIP Members can now download this book in ePub format which can then be opened with most E-Readers, including CoolReader (for Android/PC). - Click Link at bottom of page to download.
Continue reading "Free Minecraft eBook"

Sorcerer Tank Guide – Elder Scrolls Online

Sorcerer Tank GuideI will show you how you can create your own Sorcerer Tank with my Sorcerer Tank Guide. I have read many players talking about DK, NB and Temp tanks, and it always makes me wonder… do people really not know how amazing sorcerer tanks can be if they are built accordingly and utilized correctly?

I will mention first, for this Sorcerer Tank Guide, Sorcerers have just about every bit of utility as the classes mentioned above with the exception of temp’s range of heal support, which a sorcerer can (as I have) pick up a resto staff for his/her weapon swap. But how effective can a resto staff be on a tank?!? wouldn’t it be gimped if… Nope, I’ll stop you right there. Unlike a lot of tanks, Sorcerers can do this quite effectively use this for a few reasons... Continue reading "Sorcerer Tank Guide – Elder Scrolls Online"

How to install addons in ESO

How to install addons in ESOIf you are new to the idea of addons, then understand that addons are player written features or enhancements for games. This tutorial will teach you How to install addons in ESO.  Heres Octech's Top Must Have Launch addons/mods. There are a few addons that are hosted by Elder Scrolls Online AddOns the rest are at Curse. Each of these sites are well known in the community to providing secure addons and modifications, but when in doubt, virus check new addons, to ensure they are safe.
Continue reading "How to install addons in ESO"

Watch “Thranduil Crown tutorial and Giveaway” on YouTube

Thranduil CrownCreating this Thranduil Crown tutorial, was harder then making an actual Thranduil Crown. The Thranduil Crown is a piece that one of the Elven lords wore in Lord of the Rings Online, and this is a tutorial on how to make your own Thranduil Crown, via Youtube. Why would you make it? Well you might be into crafting, want to make a unique gift, or be into CosPlay. Whatever the case, this is a piece which becomes very beautiful in the end. Continue reading "Watch “Thranduil Crown tutorial and Giveaway” on YouTube"

GunZ 2 User Interface Guide

Because the most confusing aspect of a new game is often the interface, we have written this GunZ 2 User Interface Guide to help you out. This guide is aimed to be the first thing new players see when looking for information on GunZ 2. I have made this tutorial to explain the basic steps and options ensuring you can successfully play a game, in as little time possible. This should help answer those questions which usually go unanswered in the chat room.

What is GunZ 2? GunZ 2 is the second in a series, and is a 3D MMO Shooter with a third person camera angle. GunZ 2 is one of the fastest paced MMO Shooter out there with a strong emphasis on both swordplay and guns. Run on walls, deflect bullets with your sword and perform other gravity defying action moves while trying to destroy your enemy!  Continue reading "GunZ 2 User Interface Guide"

Call of Duty – Ghosts: Easter Egg – Zelda

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, there are a few Easter Eggs, which are hidden eye candy that can be found by doing some unique things. In this case, someone put a Zelda easter egg in the Federation Day campaign! Watch this video to learn how to find Zelda, and open this Easter Egg. Continue reading "Call of Duty – Ghosts: Easter Egg – Zelda"

Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level

Path-of-Exile-Monster-Level-1In Path of Exile, each map has a fixed monster level which you can see on the top right corner of the screen when you press Tab. The monster level in the map you are playing, sets many things including difficulty, drops, and penalties. We explain how this mechanic will affect your play, teaching you what you need to know about monster levels. Continue reading "Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level"

GTAV Online: Mod and Save Police Sheriff SUV to your Garage

If you have a bit of experience, it's possible to steal a Police SUV then mod it at a shop, allowing you to save it in your player garage. It's not for everyone though, and at lower levels a bit difficult.


WARNING: You may die, and you can't really be a novice at the online portion of the game. It might even cost you a crap load of money, till you get it down... but it IS possible. Continue reading "GTAV Online: Mod and Save Police Sheriff SUV to your Garage"

ESO: Character Creation Video Tutorial

Yesterday, I received an email alert foretelling the new character creation options in Elder Scrolls Online. Its actually very similar to some of the other games out there, but will be impressive to anyone who hasn't seen this kind of options before (*cough* worldofwarcraft players *cough*). Check out the video below.

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Video also available in French & German