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WoW: Glitching Vale of Eternal Blossoms Exploration Video

There are 2 known places in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, where you can glitch your way under or through the environment. One glitch area is in the main city and the other one is at the Mogu'shan Palace. This

Hearthstone: Beta First Look

Yogscast takes a look at Hearthstone, Blizzard's new fun online card game has. It hit beta, so here's a little first look as Simon and Lewis fight a few epic battles! First up, long dead paladin Uther vs mysterious Valeera

FarmVille 2: Unlimited Coins – Game Hack Tutorial

Get unlimited coins with this video tutorial for FarmVille 2. Use Cheat Engine to change your coin value or the value of any item in the game to free.

SC2: Official Video – Patch 2.0.10 Highlights

Blizzard's Kevin Knocke takes a look at a few of the many updates and improvements included in the new StarCraft II Patch 2.0.10, in this video.

WoW: Killer Computer? Get Killer Grafix In-Game

There may be a point when you realize that your settings are all the way turned up, and you are still slicing the game like a hot knife to warm butter. This guide will teach you how to set your

WoW-Video: Get behind the Stormwind Bank

WoW-Video: In-Game Wedding FAIL

I was walking in Elwynn minding my own business when I saw this level 70 twink rogue who was very nicely dressed, shouting about some wedding in the Cathedral. I went there with some doubt in my mind, but since

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: NDA Friendly Video of Dragon Boss Fight

An NDA is still in effect for FFXIV a Realm Reborn, so this is the next best thing to bringing you live video. Hakurai takes with a group of friends, a mean ol nasty poison breathing dragon. Watch the fight

Video: What makes an MMO Epic

Hakurai tackles one of the questions which everyone wants to know. Why do games die quickly, and more importantly, what makes some of them Epic? Watch this video to see what he feels makes a game great.

WoW: Brawler’s Guild – Complere Achievements & Fights Guide

This guide will teach you how to quickly gain ranks in the Brawlers Guild, a level 90 (MoP only) feature in which players fight bosses to test how good they are at solo content. This guide does not show any

League of Legends: Proof of Drop Hack being used to win games

From the exploit side of things, I am amazed. This is a great cheat which someone figured out how to use to their advantage. On the PvP aspect, this plain sucks. This is the proof that the hack does exist.

Neverwinter: Chest Run

At level 60, there are a few chests which are easy to achieve. Watch this video closely and you will be able to do the same run with your own character to achieve some great repeatable loot.

Neverwinter Impressions

Kripp stays on top of most of the newer games, though at times he does tend to get a little trapped in one or the other for a while. Here's his impression of D&D Neverwinter by Perfect World.

WoW: Trove of the Thunder King 10+ chest route

This Chest farming route was filmed on the PTR for patch 5.3, but we expect that it should work when it goes live. This is so reliable that after 4 times on the PTR my lowest number of chests was

World of Warcraft: Top Ten Videos of All Time

Throughout the years, World of Warcraft or WoW has inspired hundreds of videos, mini-series and parodies online. It has become so mainstream Sam Raimi is set to direct a movie, there are a dozen commercials featuring celebrities and shows such

The Elder Scrolls Online: Leaked Videos

Every instance of leaked videos, has thus far been taken down due to copyright infringement or from breaking the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) since I haven't signed one of those, I am going to go ahead and share these 3 videos

WoW: Video Diary – How not to PvP

A video diary of 3 English blokes as they play WoW. Here are their first 3 episodes on How Not to PvP, and their lessons as they learn how to properly PvP in WoW. They start in Battlegrounds, and then

Tera Online: Alliance Patch – Video Preview

The Alliance Patch has already been released on KTera (Korean servers), and this is a preview from those servers. The Alliance Patch adds 3 alliances into the game, and you can only be a part of 1 of them, choose

Defiance: Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Packed full of fierce Player vs. Player action, out of this world alien-tech weaponry and gigantic infantry and vehicular battles, the new Defiance™ competitive multi-player trailer gives a brief glimpse of what's to come from one of the biggest games

WoW: Horde Only Exploration Video – Two Moons & Seven Stars

This is a scenario exploration for the Horde Only map Dagger in the Dark. It explores both Two Moons and Seven Stars.It shows the areas beyond the fog, which in most exploration videos actually stops further exploration. This video features

Perses Modern Warfare 3 Dominance Guide eBook Full Download

PERSES guide is a complete written AND video guide that will help you dominate COD MW3 fast. This is the only guide that gives you a COMPLETE VIDEO walkthrough for the campaign, co-op and multiplayer missions as well as written