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Working Proxies List Download Share Play 8-22-17

On occasion, you might need a Working Proxies List, and today I am going to share a few which I scraped and verified to be working. I actually collected almost 3000 of them – just today. These can be used in

HideMyIP VPN Free 1 Year Trial Limited Offer

You’ve got about 1 week to get in on this HideMyIP VPN Free 1 year trial. This offer expires April 18th, and needs to be installed and have the license activated by then, to get this VPN for free for a year.

Free Unlimited Traffic VPN – 1 Year

I found this Free Unlimited Traffic VPN, good for 1 year, at absolutely no cost. All I can say, is !!! Use it to anonymize your traffic, and hide your activities from your ISP – which is required in many countries

Best VPN Comparison Chart 2017 Edition

These days, it’s not just the criminals and the terrorists who need a VPN, everyone does – even you. Your government IS spying on you. It’s a given. Microsoft email users have each and every attachment viewed, whether it’s video

Get around Censorship Filters

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy, and better yet free to Get Around Censorship Filters and easily access the sites you like? It actually is – once you know how. You will usually see this issue come up, with

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime Access

Why I found this method to get an Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access, is probably not important, but it does involve torrrents. You see my local internet hotspot monitors and slows Torrent traffic. In fact, for some reason, they slow traffic

Hotspot Shield VPN Android APK – Free Download

If you have an Android phone or tablet, then this Hotspot Shield VPN Android APK will surely come in handy. It’s the Elite version, which has been modded to work without ads, and have unlimited usage on it. Why should you

PoGo Bot Proxy List & Guide to Proxies

Why on earth, would you need a PoGo Bot Proxy List? Well, if you’re planning on botting multiple accounts, it helps if you use different IPs. At this point in time, Niantic doesn’t use any type of IP scanning, which is

The Division Outfits and Locations Guide

The Division Outfits and Locations Guide is a listing of Outfits and other items for The Division, what they provide, and how to get them. Some of them will require you to purchase other items, some of them that you simply

Lifetime VPN Sale

We have a special deal going on, to get your own Lifetime VPN, but it’s today only. You can purchase one of 3 Lifetime VPN’s and use this special coupon to get an additional 10% off – LIFETIME. Just use

Protect Botted Gold – WoW

I am not sure why people bot on WoW and not take steps to Protect Botted Gold. It’s really simple and only costs $5-$7.50, depending on what the prices are of a new WoW CDKey. These botters – who again just

Free Netflix Hulu Replacement & Alternative

I came across a Free Netflix Hulu Replacement guide which I am about to share with you. Let me first confess. I have been a long time fan of Netflix and even more so of Torrents. I have had Netflix

When to use a VPN

When to use a VPN? It came to my attention the other day, that there are still some people who do not know when to use a VPN. What is a VPN? A VPN is what’s known as a Virtual

WTFast Real or Scam? Answered Here

WTFast Real or Scam?

To answer the question of WTFast Real or Scam? We need to take a few things into consideration. First, what is WTFast? WTFast is a tunneling tool, which allows you to connect to their high-speed, low ping servers with custom software.

ISP Blocked – Solution

If you’ve ever been ISP Blocked, it usually starts with limited access, and finally, a lack there of. Now for me, when I became ISP Blocked, I just thought something was wrong with my computer, my ethernet card, maybe even

Popcorn Time Proxy

Trust Zone VPN for Popcorn Time

The Popcorn Time Proxy will help you to bypass restricted content, and it’s FREE! The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has forced ISPs to block Popcorn Time and Popcorn Time’s affiliated websites. The MPA obtained a High Court order that demands British

TOR Search Engines

TOR Search Engines

By now, I assume you have heard of TOR, but to effectively use TOR, you need TOR Search Engines. TOR has evolved over the years to become something which I never imagined. TOR is actually short for The Onion Router.

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

What does the Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android do for you? It works the same as an unmodded version, except that ads are removed and you gain unlimited bandwidth. A VPN allows you mask and hide your IP, as

MyVegas DNS Error Solution

I am sharing this MyVegas DNS Error Solution, because I belong to a few different MyVegas groups, and the one common thread I keep seeing is where people are having a problem with their DNS or MyVegas won’t load for

CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus OP Deal


This CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus OP Deal, will save you $90!!! For the last month or so, I have been trying to convince many of you that you should get either HideMyAss VPN or CyberGhost VPNs. Maybe you thought I was

Free 1 Year VPN Subscription

Free 1 Year VPN Subscription

This Free 1 Year VPN Subscription is limited to 2 GB traffic. It can be very helpful for those who pay bills or do banking on their Windows based computer. As a bonus, they also offer a free Android based


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