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WoW Leveling Guide; Noob friendly

Listen, there are a few really good WoW Leveling Guide out there, but they aren't meant to for noobs. Instead, they are meant for people who want to level as quickly as possible to get to the end-game as quickly

Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat – WoW

This Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat gives you the ability to lay down a couple Healing Spheres, without actually being specc'd in Mistweaver Monk form. While Healing Spheres only last 3 minutes, this can be a nice bonus for your team and

Warcraft Movie Review – A fan’s perspective

I have to be honest here on this Warcraft Movie Review. I wasn't impressed as a long time player of World of Warcraft. The continuity should have followed the game, it did not. There were various issues which leads me

Darkmoon Faire Racing Mount Anywhere – WoW

It's possible to use the Darkmoon Faire Racing Mount Anywhere, using this WoW Cheat. Why use one of these Darkmoon Faire Mounts anywhere? Really the question, is why not? Here are the instructions on how to do this fun WoW exploit.

Auto Spell Rotation Soapbox – WoW

Over the last year or so, we saw an auto spell rotation program, PQR pop-up, and slowly fade away. Why? Well first off, it's an automation program, which will do all your spells for you - that and the massive

Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost

Hunter Cornered 50% Damage Boost PVP Trick

To do the Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage Boost, you need to understand one thing. You should never do this at low levels, because your pet can die with very little health, which causes your pet to be

Speed Buff exploit for Engineering Priests – WoW

Speed Buff exploit for Engineering Priests I found a pretty wicked exploit accidentally in a ToT Looking for Raid group. With my Engineering Priest, I was able to increase my movement speed by an additional 15% in this Speed Buff

BMAH Container Cheap for high pop server players

BMAH Container Cheap  As most of you know BMAH Container can cost quite a bit of gold on some busy servers and since almost all people buy these containers for mounts/pets why not buy them on a quiet server? What kind

WoW: Unique way to advertise companion pets for sale

This won't work everytime, but for those times it does, this is a rather unique way to advertising companion pets for sale. It will get you quite a bit of head turning, and even some pissed off people when they

WoW: Pandaren Neutral Faction exploit

So it seems there is an exploit which will allow you to create a character and not actually choose a faction, meaning you are neither horde nor alliance. Benefits? Use either Horde or Alliance Auction House Raid both factions Help

WoW: Group Leveling Spot, 6.3 Million XP per hour, per toon

This spot allows you and a group of 2-4 friends to farm an endless set of mobs. You will need a ranged to pull them, a tank to aggro them, and then an AoE to take them down, however more

WoW: Trillium and Ghost Iron Farming Spot

There is a nice cave in Kun-Lai Summit, which will allow you to farm mobs, while reaping Ghost Iron, Trillium, and Golden Lotus at the same time. If you circle the cave, killing the mobs inside, as you make your

WoW: Are you ready for the Mists of Pandaria?

Let's cover some of the changes you'll run into with the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. One of the most notable changes is the complete overhaul of the character talent system. All classes have been updated with a new

WoW – MoP: Fast Monk Powerleveling Tips

Sure, you could spend 12-18 hours a day leveling up your monk, but what if there was some tips, which could make it seem like you were leveling in much less time? Watch this video to learn how to level

WoW: 1000 Embersilk per hour farming spot

This place has become a very profitable way of making gold for mages since 5.04! Currently it beats other methods of farming gold/embersilk by as much as 400 cloths per hour, which translates into a healthy sum. Requirements: Level 85

WoW: Dugi’s Leveling Guide – 40% off – sale ends Sept 24th

These days, there are 2 great WoW guides for leveling. There is Dugi and there is Zygor. Each of them take you to the same level, and each of them are hard at work on the new expansion, Mists of

WoW: Ghosts of Warcraft Past – Easter Egg

Who are we to resist writing about what is, essentially, a haunted castle from a previous game? I found this at another site, and thought it an interesting read. It's actually part of a Creepy Easter Egg compilation for games

WoW-MoP: Stockpiling for Mists of Pandaria

Right now is the perfect time to start stockpiling items to sell for when the WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria is released. What should you stockpile depends on what your goals are, and what you expect people to need. Usually,

WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 2)

Preparing yourself and your characters for Mists of Pandaria, starts yesterday. While others will scramble a week or so before the release of the expansion, you have your chance to do it now, knowing a bit of what is coming

WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 1)

In about a month Mists Of Pandaria will ship out and finally we will have something new to do, kill new baddies, raid new places, level our professions and open up new opportunities to make gold. But before MoP finally

Battle.net: Mobile Authenticator, without the Mobile phone

If you play WoW, Diablo 3, or even Starcraft 2, then this might interest you. It seems you don't need to have an android/iphone nor even a physical authenticator, if you use this app for Windows. This not only saves