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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips – WoW

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips will guide you through each of the fights and what to do, based on your character class. No more guessing, or watching videos from a different class that has no bearing on the fight for you.

Burned Voidwalker Skin – WoW trick

Here's a little hidden "Easter Egg", which will give you the Burned Voidwalker Skin. It's a WoW trick which can be done with Fire Mages and Warlocks (possibly hunter pets too), on their pet demons. Burned Voidwalker Skin - WoW trick

Warlock WoW Cheats – Working on 6.2.4

These Warlock WoW Cheats were working on  WoWv6.2.4, provide an introduction to cheating. There are some basic cheats as well as some intermediate Warlock cheats. All of these were working last we checked, but with hotfixes and patches, you never

Warlock Demonic Circle Speed Buff Cheat – WoW

If you're a Destruction or Demonology spec Warlock, then you can use this Warlock Demonic Circle Speed Buff Cheat. It allows you to use Soulburn, while in a different spec. This is great for Arenas, RGB's, and other PVP skirmishes.

Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck

Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck

This Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck is super fun and viable at high levels, even Legendary. You have a capability for tempo swings far beyond that which a regular handlock is capable of, as well as enough threats to outlast

Craft Wands for CosPlay How To guide

Craft Wands for CosPlay is a little tutorial on how to make a "magical wand". You might see something like this in Harry Potter, or at the next gaming convention. Personally, I used this tutorial to make some Christmas gifts

WoW: Teleport with a Friend

Using this little known trick, it's possible to teleport with a friend, using the Rogue Shadowstep spell or the Warlock's Teleport spell. It might work with other similar types of spells, but it's unconfirmed and needs testing...

WoW: Insane Damage Affliction Warlocks vs Bosses with Adds

On bosses with adds you can use this little trick to do insane damage with an Affliction Warlock. However you cannot have the "soul swap" glyph. At the start of the pull you have to get as many buffs and

WoW: Warlock Tricks – Wall Climbing & Teleport though Walls

Game exploit compilation for Warlocks includes Wall climbing, Mini Bottled Tornado, Teleport though Walls, and how to Stop in Mid-Air after jumping off a cliff.

WoW: 1-Shot in Battlegrounds or Arena as Warlock

This exploit requires a Warlock with Engineering. It will allow you to 1-shot any enemy, could also be used in Dueling, but wasn't tested in this application. Almost any mob can be downed with this cheat - except boss mobs.

WoW: Destruction Warlock PvP Guide

Destruction Warlocks in PvP are known for their high damage output. To be effective with a Destruction Warlock, you have to make up for your lack of CC (Crowd Control) with damage. Killing an enemy quickly is essential to your

WoW: Skillcapped Class Guides – Videos only

These are some of the Skillcapped Class video guides. What is skill capped? Lets let them tell you... "Whether you are brand new to World of Warcraft or a seasoned arena veteran, our comprehensive training library of videos and articles

Dragon Nest: How to Play a Sorceress guide

The Sorceress is an interesting class. They have virtually no armor and their HP is relatively low in comparison to other classes. They're squishy, like Archers are. On the other hand, they're very powerful with their magical attacks. They don't

Rift: Pyro-Lock 36/30 AoE Solo Build, high DPS

The following is a guide for high single target mage dps (although it contains Fire Storm which is great AOE). Like any guide, this is a good place to start, but you may need to change things based on your play

Rift: Ultimate Mage Gear Comparison Chart

The Ultimate Mage Gear Chart, includes mob drop locations, stats (INT, WIS, END) needed for the Mage, comparisons between different classes, etc. Use this mage gear sheet to compare each and every piece with possible runes to tell exactly what

Rift: Necro/Lock with Lich Form Build for PvE

This is a PvE Necromancer/Warlock build meant specifically for PvE. It works very well for Herald (Single Target), Zilas, Grugonum, Oracle, Inwar, Garau, Murdantix, and Vlad. You could use this on other bosses as well. This guide includes the Build, Spell

Rift: Necro/Warlock/Dominator Leveling and PvE Build

This guide was written by Wuulfgar, in response to my Necro/Warlock/Chloromancer build.  First off, I want to thank Wuulfgar for this build and write up, I have been content with my build, but he chose to make a new build and

Rift: OP Chloromancer Warlock Mage PvP Build

The point of this Chloromancer / Warlock build is to do mediocre burst damage, with high sustained damage over time, high healing, as well as survivability. While it is well known that Necromancer / Warlock is the best PVE build

OverPowered Mage Build – Necro, Lock, Chloro – Rift

Someone who hasn't played this Overpowered Mage Build combo, or wonders why the necro/warlock is considered over-powered by most people will take interest in this article. It's to explain the combination of spells which brings this one over the top.

Rift: Warlock Double Cast AoE Exploit

This is a Warlock trick, that will allow you to Double Cast, on Area of Effect (AoE) attacks. It's highly mana intensive, but as a warlock, you should be able to regen the mana quickly. 2 DoTs (Damage Over Time)

WoW: How to get inside Acherus with any class using RAF

For those who do not know what RAF is, it stands for Refer-A-Friend. For more info about this go to WoW's official page on RAF. What is needed for the exploit: 1. RAF account - might even work with a "Trial"

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