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Overwatch Aimbot Scam

Hey there, I am just throwing up a little warning about a Overwatch Aimbot Scam. The way that this is a scam, is that they invite people to their forums, and then offer them lifetime access  - for a fee of

[WARNING] Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM

There is a new Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM going around which allows certain individuals to appear to be legit sources and then attempt to gain your login information for World of Warcraft - with a phone call. WARNING: Blizzard World

Trojan Warning: GuardSoftware Hijackware

Trojan: In today's sense, is a program which seems legit, and then drops malware usually of the keylogger persuasion onto your system.  A Trojan program derived from the Protector Rogue Family has re-emerged in recent weeks and is running rampant

Facebook: Scammer Central

As of April 2013, the world’s largest social network Facebook boasts more than one billion users – an impressive number considering there are 7 billion people on the planet. Unfortunately, the more people that connect to a centralized platform, the

Warning: Do you use Opera Browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

It turns out there is a vulnerability, which can easily be remedied with a little tweak of your settings. If you don't do it, then it's possible that someone can do an XSS attack and steal your cookies - which

SWTOR – WARNING – Do NOT use AresBot for PvP on free days!

While the owner might think he is doing you a solid, letting you try out AresBot for free once a week, it's actually a trap, which could cause an account ban. First off, understand that AresBot is a pixelbot. It


Diablo 3 is in the Beta stage of testing.  Many of us are awaiting the chance to find a Diablo 3 Beta invite waiting for us in our email.  Scammers know this and will try to steal your Battle.net account information.  Here

Rift: WARNING – Trion Changing the Way Offsets are Detected

Trion is changing the way offsets are detected in Rift, and are making their anti-bot/game-hack software much more stronger. Until this new method is cracked, its advisable that you do not use any game hacks or bots. Even if the