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ESO Multihack – Speedhack, Teleport, No Clip

This ESO Multihack offers a few different features, and comes in the form of a DLL, which you can inject with your favorite injector. The important ones are the Speedhack, Teleport, Jumphack, and No Clip.  As with all game hacks, its a

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trainer – download

Today, we bring you a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trainer. This trainer adds a few enhancements to your playing enjoyment. It includes Infinite Health, Insta Cooldown, No Weapon Overheat, No Recoil, Super Speed, Stealth mode, and Teleport. Let's just say that

Trove Teleport Hack + Zoom Hack

Here's a working Trove Teleport Hack with bonus Zoom Hack. This is working after the recent hotfix patch on Sept 1, 2017. We love being able to zip around, use it to float, or just being able to get to those

Explore Unseen Maps – WoW PTR (Screenshots Only)

Some might call this Explore Unseen Maps trick a cheat, others simply a change, but over the weekend, you were able to Explore Unseen Maps in the World of Warcraft Private Test Server. It came as a bit of a shock,

Simple Lag Switch – Internet Pause Game Hack

So a Simple Lag Switch is built upon the idea that you can create lag within a game and thus interrupt the packets that are sent to and from the game. This allows for a whole slew of cheats. If you

Wizard101 Game Hack Download

This Wizard101 Game Hack is only for the game Wizard101, which is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students of Witchcraft and Wizardry to save the Spiral, the fictional universe in which the game is played,

Ferib WoW Tool Compilation Set

If you're not familiar with Ferib and his WoW Tool Compilation Set, then prepare to be amazed. This is a set of 5 tools, which can be used on private emulated servers to allow various functions, included a Deathknight Insta Kill

WoW Emulator Teleport Hack

This WoW Emulator Teleport Hack, is confirmed working on Pandashan and Pandawow (32bit) World of Warcraft emulated servers. It may work on others but will need to be tested. DO NOT attempt to use this WoW Emulator Teleport Hack on Live servers.

Up-Down Z Porter – WoW

The Up-Down Z Porter, will not only tell you your location in the world with coordinates, included in XYZ format, but it will also allow you to (on 32 bit WoW - sorry, not for use on Win 8+), teleport up or

WoW Emulator Cheater

So I was checking out a WoW Emulator to play on and realized how nice it would be to have an edge, and then I found WoW Emulator Cheater. WoW Emulator Cheater is similar to the old Bubba's Warcraft Hack, except that

Lag7 GameHack

The Lag7 GameHack is a tool for Windows which will allow you create artificial lag in games. Since this is not a game hack which interacts directly with any game, there should not be any problems with suspensions or bans.

GW2 Fly & Speed Hack

This GW2 Fly & Speed Hack is fairly simple in that it will simply allow you to use it to either fly around in GuildWars 2 or run super fast within the game. It also has some other useful functions, for

FFXIV: Bolter-XIV Teleport and Speed Hack

The Grey Hat in me couldn't resist, so here it is! I enjoyed the challenge of creating a teleporter and speed hack for FFXIV, as the position and speed architecture is entirely different from FFXI. So at the moment The

FFXIV: Working Radar, Click 2 Teleport, Speedbuff

The guys over at MMOMinion have a new project they have been working on, a bot system. Now I know that MMOViper has a working bot right now, but if you have ever seen the differences between them, it's kind

WoW: Teleport with a Friend

Using this little known trick, it's possible to teleport with a friend, using the Rogue Shadowstep spell or the Warlock's Teleport spell. It might work with other similar types of spells, but it's unconfirmed and needs testing...

Neverwinter: Teleport to Campfire Instantly trick

There is a time limit on this, so you won't be able to do this everytime you want to. However if you want to teleport back to the campfire a few times per hour, then you can use this cheat.

GW2: uNf Trainer – Teleport Tool

Note: This is similar to gZoom, but is compiled with different code. This was tightly coded to allow it to run on lower end systems without lag. This tool will never have hotkeys, so don't expect to be able to

WoW: Warlock Tricks – Wall Climbing & Teleport though Walls

Game exploit compilation for Warlocks includes Wall climbing, Mini Bottled Tornado, Teleport though Walls, and how to Stop in Mid-Air after jumping off a cliff.

Guild Wars 2: gZoom Elite Game Hack

gZoom is a game hack for Guild Wars 2, which will allow you to zoom your camera or change your field of view. It will also enable a speed hack, gravity hack, Wall Climb Hack, Teleport/Warp tool, NoClip, Gravity, and

Guild Wars 2: Down Mobs & Bosses – God Mode – No Retaliation

This is a combination exploit and game hack. You will need to have this teleport tool, to make this cheat work. Basically, you need to get under the world, and then range mobs. Most of them won't fight back, even

SWTOR: +10 Datacron in 10 Minutes using Cheat Engine

It's possible to gain the +10 Datacron, using Cheat Engine within 10 minutes. This doesn't use the speed hack, so you won't be seen zipping around. However you need to be level 50 and already have the Red Crystal from Corellia.