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TurboTax 2017 – Windows & Mac download

TurboTax 2017 is for both the US and Canada for Mac or PC. Every year, we update information on how to get free states for TurboTax. This is especially helpful if you moved or are a trucker, or just work in

DOOM 4 Finally Released

As the title states, DOOM 4 Finally Released, but thats a bit of a misnomer as Doom 4 aka Doom 2016, was actually simply renamed to DOOM. The game has been released to all of everyone's favorite gaming platforms, PS4,

Homeland Security Recommends You Uninstall QuickTime

IT security firms and the United States government department of Homeland Security Recommends You Uninstall QuickTime from Apple from all Windows based computer systems, after cybersecurity experts from Trend Micro picked up two bugs that could leave users vulnerable to viruses and

5 Computer Gaming Systems Under $500

This guide to 5 Computer Gaming Systems Under $500 is going to be a godsend to you, if you're shopping for a new computer, but don't have a large budget. Before I start listing them, understand I am going to start

Install XBox One Controller on Windows

To Install XBox One Controller on Windows, you will need a custom driver package, which was written to be compatible with Windows. Since Windows is the most heavily used gaming operating system, it makes sense that someone wrote a driver for

Free Windows Software

Free Windows Software

In today's day an age, it's often easy to find cloned software for many of the tools we used to pay or pirate. However, today, I am going to share without some name-brand software that you can download and install,

Guide: How to run a Windows-Native MMO on a Mac

When games spark enough interest, there is often an outcry for Windows games to be ported to Macintosh. Unfortunately for Mac owners, the desktop gaming  market pretty much goes with Windows, as the default platform. I know, Macintosh is harder

Laptop Gaming Guide: How to Make Games Run Faster

Replacing an old graphics card with a new one is often the best way to improve gaming graphics. Proud desktop PC owners can easily swap out old hardware for newer, better components. But laptop users may find it impossible to

Minecraft: How to Setup and Use a PS3 Controller on Windows

This Tutorial will allow you to use your PS3 remote to control Minecraft on Windows. You must own the controller, and have admin rights so that you can setup the proper drivers.

Tutorial: How to install Android on Windows

Some of you might remember, that back in August 2012, we came across an emulator which ran Android on your Windows OS. This is all well and good, but what if you need a more powerful Android system? Well, this

Daily Deal: HP Pavilion 15.6” 640GB HD 8GB RAM Notebook Win 8

Any gamer knows that when it comes to games, the more Ram you have, the better. This notebook comes with 8gb, which means you can look forward to some pretty fast gaming. If you aren't aware, then you should know

Elder Scrolls Online: Release Date Pushed Back – Spring 2014

It was supposed to go live this year, but it seems that Elder Scrolls Online is being pushed back. Really I can't blame them, if you want to not only get, but keep more players, a finished product is much

Complete Cisco Certification IT Network Training Bundle $99

I don't usually post things like this, but over at Groupon, they are offering an online course to get Cisco certified for only $99. What this means is that a normally  you would pay about $3k for a course like

Borderlands 2: Graveyard Virus affects XBox360 and PC Gamers

Gearbox has given official words about the virus called "Graveyard" which is affecting PC and Xbox 360 players, as they have stated that PS3 players are unaffected by this threat.

Buy Windows 8, for $15 – Legit Copy via Website Loophole

Windows 8 launched in 37 languages and 140 worldwide markets, and has a special promo going, which you can exploit to gain the software for only $15. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get this

Of Orcs and Men: PC Download with working Serial Code

Release Name.......[ Of Orcs And Men-CPY Release Date.......[ 23/10/2012 Shop Release Date..[ 11/10/2012 Format.............[ Iso Release............[ Game Kind...............[ Action/RPG Protection.........[ Starforce 5.70+Steam+Custom INFORMATION Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins! In a world at war, the vast Empire of

Battle.net: Mobile Authenticator, without the Mobile phone

If you play WoW, Diablo 3, or even Starcraft 2, then this might interest you. It seems you don't need to have an android/iphone nor even a physical authenticator, if you use this app for Windows. This not only saves

Do you have an average computer?

We take a look at gamers' computers and see what the trend is, and do you need to upgrade your computer, to make it a faster machine.

In Game Leveling Guide Addon – WoW

This is the most recent version of a famous leveling guide, which you could pay over $80 for.  This was made for World of Warcraft v3.3, and comes for both Alliance and Horde.  It is the complete 1-80 for both