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Diablo 3: Witch Doctor Build for Ubers

Keep in mind, that most builds these days, for those which want to run Ubers, will need to be team member builds. With that in mind, understand that this is a work in progress, but I decided to share it

D3: Top Skills by Witch Doctor’s via highest Paragon players

I decided to take a break and compiled a list of skills used, as I am currently leveling a Witch Doctor to 60 and am wondering what people were using for their skills. I decided to check out the top rated

D3: How to become Hated in Diablo 3 trick

I came upon this trick, with my Witch Doctor. Instead of going for massive damage, I have aimed at crowd control. This helps my party to no end if I am fighting with them as my enemies attack us less.

Spitt’s Witch Doctor Overpowered AoE/CC build

I have been playing around with my build for Diablo 3. This one is a bit unique to me and my play style. I like being able to survive and not run out of mana, which means I can spam

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor Inferno Guide

It’s tough to play Witch Doctors in Inferno. Unlike other classes you have just 1 armor/evasion skills and this makes it a lot more difficult to survive. The champions and rare monsters are tough to kill in one go –

D3: Witchdoctor Inferno guide – Spec, Gear, Skills

We teach you how to be successful in Inferno on a Witch Doctor.  This guide goes over the best skills, and when you should use them. It also discusses your gear and how to find your base stats, as well

Diablo 3: Complete Walkthrough, Builds, Achievement guide

The world of Sanctuary has once again come under siege by Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and his legions from the Burning Hells. New heroes have risen to answer the threat, but this time the danger is more menacing than

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor AoE/DoT Build

This is my Witch Doctor leveling build for Diablo 3, my character is now upto level 16. This build is slightly overpowered, with all the AoEs and DoTs in the build. I haven't found a single nor group of mobs

Diablo 3: Leaked Cinematics from the Collector’s Edition dvd

The full cinematics from the Diablo 3 Collectors Edition dvd. This includes the making of, act 1-4, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, Monk videos.

Diablo 3: Skill Points and Skill Trees

As I have been looking around to see some builds and to see where people have gone with them, I have begun to realize that without playing the game, you can't really create a build. Additionally, with playing the game,

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor DPS build – unfinished

Here's a peek at my build so far, which has served me well for soloing dungeons. It's a Witch Doctor. It's not been tested in PvP, but in Solo PVE, it's astounding.

Diablo 3: Official Talent Calculator

It looks like Blizzard is getting into the Talent Calculator game. That is to say that you can now use the talent calculator, to create your ultimate D3 character without actually building it in game. Here's an example Barabarian build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#cdZYkb!ach!bZccZY

Slashdot Article: Diablo 3 at Blizzcon 2010

At this year's Blizzcon, we got to try out a section of Diablo 3 that was pulled directly from the single-player storyline and playable with all classes. A large number of skills and abilities were playable, and the skill rune

Diablo III: Characters Preview

Written by ATanner Blizzard has announced four Diablo III Characters so far: the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, and the Monk. Videos and character concept images have revealed a number of details for each character class, including techniques each