Gold Farming to Play WoW Free

Gold Farming to Play WoW FreeGold Farming to Play WoW Free starts with a few daily and weekly quests to earn a bare minimum of gold which can be sold for WoW Tokens, which in turn can be used to pay for your monthly subscription. Over the last few days, we have tried to share with you various ways with which you can make WoW gold, including by doing transmog dungeon runs, but to guarantee you have enough gold to pay your subscription off monthly, you need to do some guaranteed payoffs.

Gold Farming to Play WoW Free

So to start Gold Farming to Play WoW Free, we're going to give you 10 daily runs or quests you can do daily, to net you some gold - on all of your characters. If you're like me, you probably have at least 6-8 of them, but even if you only have 1-3, its still doable.

  1. Catacalysm 25 HC
    Soloing the Catacalysm Raids in 25 m Hard mode you get around 1-3k each, on 25 m HC the boss drops 125 raw gold and then you get loads of epics which you can just vendor. You also get some BoE transmog which you can sell. Doing this can net around 8k gold on one character now multiply this with the amount of characters you have and there you have it, quick and easy way to farm some raw gold.

  2. Killing Elites in Tanaan Jungle:

    What we are farming here is the Medallion of the Legion which increases the reputation you earn with denizens of Draenor by 1000. These items almost instantly sell because lots of people want to buy them to get rep which is required for flying in Draenor. This item has a 33% drop chance from the following Elites: Terrorfist, Vengeance, Doomroller, Deathtalon. Just enter Tanaan Jungle and find a group either in general chat or use the premade group finder and enter the names of the bosses to find a group.

  3. Bastion Of Twilight Thrash Farm:

    This one is widely known and popular. All you do is enter Bastion of Twilight 25m clear the first room reset and repeat until you reach your maximum amount of instances. This method will give you loads of Embersilk Cloth, disenchant the greens or sell them. If you are tailor and enchanter you can make bags with the embersilk and disenchant the greens and sell the mats. You also get the buff on cloth drop with cloth scavenging trait which Tailors get. You can also use Potion of Treasure Finding to increase your net gold earned per hour.

  4. Followers and Garrison:

    Recruit as many Treasure hunter followers as you can, even in Legion these followers with treasure hunting trait will still be strong as they will get a new 200% garrison resource trait which you can trade for crafting mats later during Legion. Now as for Draenor they are the best traited followers for making gold. Level them and send them to gold mission and watch the gold roll in. Upgrade your Inn to level 3 to get more gold missions with higher yield.

  5. Kill Kazzak Every Week On All Characters:

    Kazzak is the new world boss in Tanaan Jungle who drops Felblight which is also sold instantly as many people require it for crafting. Open your premade group finder, go to custom tab and enter kazzak and join any group that is aout to kill him. Usually he drops around 5-15 Felblight which goes for around 80-110 gold each. That's a nice amount of gold for just 5 minutes of work.

  6. Farming Savage Blood:

    Another surefire way of making gold is savage blood, while the price of savage blood has decreased since launch, they are now easier to farm via Barn than ever. You are guaranteed to sell these as they are required for many upgrade components. 
    You will require a level 3 Barn and a group of people to trap the animal with, don't worry everyone in the group gets the caged beasts, so this allows groups to grind them up really quickly. Also, as of latest patch the savage blood drop change from Barn increases if you have a skinning follower. You can also use the rush work orders to complete the work order instantly.

  7. Upgrading and trying to sell crafted epics:

    If you want to put in the effort, you can buy a Peerless gear stage 1 for under 1k. Use upgrade components from auction house to upgrade it to stage 4 or 6 and try selling it on trade chat. While these do not sell fast I usually net a profit margin of about 4-5k on each crafted item just auto spamming the trade chat.

  8. Passive gold from small buildings:

    Make level 2 of Jewelcrafting and Inscription small buildings in your garrison. Assign a follower to them and complete the daily quest for them. Keep the work order on Inscription hut rolling to craft the Card of omens for some extra gold. Average gold from these per character is around 500/day doing very small tasks.

  9. Making gold from Professions:

    The regular way of making gold from professions still works and the profits from crafts are also amazing. Enchants, glyphs and gems are the top sellers. Transmuting different MoP and older mats can also net you quite a bit of gold. 

  10. Farming BoE from raids:

    If you have a like minded guild that wants to earn some gold, assemble a group of 6-7 people and start farming trash mobs in Blackrock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel and sell them on the auction house. These items usually go anywhere from 5k to 100k all depends on ilvl, stats and warforged luck.
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If everything goes well, you will be on your way quickly to Gold Farming to Play WoW Free. Use them to buy WoW Tokens which players list on the AH, and then to use them for 30 days of free WoW play time. It's simple once you know these secrets.

Secret Gold Farming Locations – WoW

There are several Secret Gold Farming Locations which you should be aware of, and here are 35 of the best locations to currently farm gold in 2017 for the game World of Warcraft. I wouldn't put them down as the only locations, but likely the best thought out, and the easiest to make gold on.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

Here's a list of farms listing 35 spots that still work. At the bottom of this Secret Gold Farming Locations guide, there is a video which you can use as a reference which will help you nail down the specific techniques needed on each of these Secret Gold Farming Locations.

1) Desolace Instant Respawn Infinite Farm / Potential Gold: 3,000 – 10,000g / Type: Infinite BOE + Cloth / Target: Slitherblade Naga 

This is an infinte Secret Gold Farming Locations that takes place just east of Maraudon. It requires you to stand in a specific spot which will allow you to kill all the slitherblade naga that surround the river. This spot is generally a GREAT spot since the mobs respawn instantly after death. You will get an obscene amount of silk, wool, greens, and low level patterns. It's one of the only remaining infinite respawn farms left in the game.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

2) Isle Of Thunder Filthy Filthling Farm / Potential Gold: 3,000 – 8000g / Target: Quivering Filth

This is a once size fits all pet farm that can generally leave you with a small sum of gold if your server is low on this specific pet. (You can always check on the undermine journal). It takes place in the Ihgaluk crag and is generally performed by sweeping the oozes in the small muddy pools surrounding the area. An easy spot to hit, that really isn't farmed all to often. I was able to get one in the video after a small 24 minutes.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

3) Uldum Baby Crocolisk Skinning Farm / Potential Gold: 10,000 – 25,000 / Target: Young Crocolisk. 

This is a VERY GOOD potion of treasure finding farm that generally shocked me when I stumbled upon it. It's one of the more popular farms – just because it's potential to tap into so many different markets (especially if you are a skinner). It takes place at the pit of scales near the foot of the uldum river. It allows you to not only gather tiny treasure chests faster than any other spot, but also awards an obscene amount of leather. Just step on the eggs and 5 crocolisk will attach to your character. Kill them all and start skinning them. There are 6 egg spawns with very short respawn timers surrounding the area. You will literally never be waiting for respawns. Again, skinning is a must to take advantage of this mega spot – and even though, I feel only a handful of farms surpass this one, It's truely my favorite Secret Gold Farming Locations.

Secret Gold Farming Locations 

4) The Hidden Void Shatter Method: Target: Void Shatter

While this is more a method than a farm, I still thought it belonged in this video. This method takes advantage of the long forgotten spell, void shatter. Generally because of the logistics behind how easily obtainable void crystals are when compared to large prismatic shards, void crystals cost SUBSTANTIALLY less. The void shatter spell however turns 1 void crystal into 2 large prismatic shards. Globally large prismatic shards are worth 15g a piece, while void crystals trend around 2-4g a piece. Can you do the math on that? You can literally triple your investment cost by creating more prismatic shards for your market. All it requires is for you to get honored with the shattered sun offensive, a little known fact that most enchanters are too lazy to take advantage of. Nobody is doing this, and on most servers the market it ripe to take over. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself!

Secret Gold Farming Locations

5) Twilight Highlands Volatile Water Farm / Potential gold: 3,000 – 7,000g Target: Muddied Water Elemental

Another potion of treasure finding farm that was made extremely popular by the YouTuber Oldbess. In this spot, you are simply to patrol the entire southen river basin in Twilight Highlands, just around the Verrall Delta area. The goal of this farm is to kill water elementals for their volatile water, which trends around 50g per drop. Combine this with the cloth and the treasure chests, and you have a cool nifty Secret Gold Farming Locations – thats rarely populated these days.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

6) Uldaman Transmog Farm/ Target / Uldaman Instance. Potential Gold: 5,000 – 20,000g

While not as powerful as it was before 7.3, this transmog Secret Gold Farming Locations is a good area to amass a large number of BOE greens that generally fly around the 35 – 42 area. It's popularity stemming from the amount of items that drop (and the potential value of those items) rather than the quality of each drop itself. Generally drops from these farms can take a while to sell even when using my TSM posting style. However if your low on transmog stock this can be an awesome area to hit every now and then.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

7) Tome of Polymorph Monkey Farm / Potential Gold: 4,000g Per Tome Drop / Target: Kunzen Rockflinger

1 of my 3 polymorph tome spots. This spot requires a high level mage character (the tome will only drop for mages), and can also be done with the potion of luck for a quick boost to profits. Generally the kurzen monkeys in this spot have the highest chance to drop the Tome of Polymorh: Monkey – and the best part is they drop it often. Always check your AH before deciding to farm this spot. If theres not to many, then give it a try. In the video I actually got more than one to drop. It's the cheapest of the tomes, and consequentially the easiest to farm. Again, you MUST be a mage.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

8) Gibblewilt RARE Transmog Camp Farm / Potential Gold: 1 – 50,000g / Target: Gibblewilt 

So gibblewilt is a special NPC. He is the only NPC that drops the Foremens Vest chestpiece. Generaly this transmog is a bra-less vest – making it VERY popular in the transmog community (I play on moonguard, and are highly invested in the transmog community, so I know). Anyway, even though the drop chance is hell on high water – snagging one can yield you profits of 50,000g or more. Whats better is usually none can be found farming him, so you can camp an alliance character nearby, and kill him ever-so-often. He's located just outside gnomergan.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

9) Deviate Hatchling Wailing Carverns Farm / Potential gold: 3000 – 5000g / Target: Wailing Carverns 

A farm that I myself made drastically popular about 2 years ago. This farm is a simple pet and transmog spot that requires you to pull the entire wailing carverns instance. Besides how it sounds, this farm is VERY easy going and can literally be done while you watch something else entirely. (netflix maybe?) While it's not as potent as it used to be, it still has some merit in it, especially if your server is low on the deviate hatchling pet. While it does take some time to drop, I can usually average a deviate hatchling every 30 minutes or so. However, since I released the video on it, the price of the pet has dropped wildly.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

10) A Heros Welcome Cooking Method: Target: A Heros Welcome 

This Secret Gold Farming Locations actually kicks BOOTAY. And I only say that because it's so hidden, unique and quirky that I had to add it to this list, despite it being a method rather than a farm. Generally what you want to do is some sneaky arbitrage. We'll be buying the items Royal oliveDalapeno PepperRiver onion, and Muskenbutter from the vendor for 2g – and reselling them to the AH for 4g+. This is an awesome way to take advantage of players laziness and the demanding reagent requirements for some of the higher end recipes. By selling from the vendor to AH, you can make easy gold – in fact I suspect most cooks do not know these reagents can be purchased from NPC's.

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Secret Gold Farming Locations

11) Level 58 Twilight Outpost Farm / Potential Gold: 10,000g – 150,000g / Target: Twilight Outposts – Silithus. 

This new Secret Gold Farming Locations takes advantage of the level scaling changes implemented by blizzard. Event NPC's like the NPC's found in the twilight outpost, scale up or down depending on your level. HOWEVER, your level also determines which loot tables each mob will have. By using a level 58 character, you can successfully loot items in the 57 – 59 item range, a range which has some of the most expensive and well sought after transmog items in the game. In less than 30 minutes farming this spot I was able to snatch up some glorious legplates – worth a stunning 150,000g. Watch the video for absolute details I suppose, but the gist of it is you need to create a level 58 DK, go to the twilight camps, and start the killin'. Unlike before, an implementation of a daily event has changed the loot tables! This spot is the new hot thing on the block.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

12) Decahedral Dice Pickpocket Farm / Potential Gold: 2,000g – 35,000g / Target: Onslaught Harbor

This farm is a cool rogue only spot that is more hit or miss rather than a direct gold farm. Generally we'll be picking pockets for the item Decaherdral Dice. It's a rare pickpocket drop that ranges anywhere between 28,000 and 35,000g. The good news is, this spot has soo many mobs that it's literally impossible to run out of mobs to pickpocket, and when you kill them (which you will eventually) they have fast respawn times. Within 20 minutes I was able to snag one of these cool toys in the video. They seem to be rare and have very high selling points.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

13) BFD Transmog Farm / Potential gold: 1,000g – 8,000g / Target: Blackfathom Depths

This farm almost did not make this list. Even though I have had only a little luck with it, it seems to be gathering some popularity in the gold farming community. Although I feel with the recent changes in 7.3, this farm is very close to dying out. Generally what you want to to do is pull every mob you can as you venture to the last boss in the instance. The only saving grace of this farm (if you can call it that) is that some mobs are GUARANTEED to drop greens. Guaranteed. Whether or not they drop profitable greens is a different question, however it's a must-mention quirk you get from running this instance. It also allows you to get your hands on some rare low level blues.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

14) Misty Cost Skinning Farm / Potential Gold: 5,000 – 20,000 Target: Young Snowfeather 

Here's the first of my 3 top legion skinning farms. They are my favorite for a reason – with the right skinning perks, you can make thousands more gold than the average farmer. Overall, these are the most profitable legion farming spots, period. With the oddly shaped stomachs drops you can get access to leylight shards, leystone ore, and felslate along with a variety of other highly-liquidable trade goods to boot. In order to get these tiny treasure chest like stomachs to drop, you need to get your hands on the gutting perk, which can be purchased by trading 250 sightless eyes at the quartermaster in the dalaran sewers. On the other hand the butchered meat drops will award stormscale and stonehide leather, making these skinning spots some of the most gold healthy spots in the entire game. I hope you all jump on this.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

15) Fields of An'she Skinning Farm / Potential Gold: 5,000g – 20,0000g / Target: Bristlefur Bear

This Secret Gold Farming Locations has the same exact perks as the misty coast farm. You will be able to gather oddly shaped stomachs, butchered meat, and all the trade goods that exist inside of both containers. The benefit to this farm over the other is that it takes place much closer to the flightmaster and the mobs are much easier to solo. Therefore, players with a lower item level can get the job done without having to worry about the elites that surround the misty coast spot. Again, an AWESOME spot for anyone who skins and by far some of the easiest most liquidatable gold you can make this expansion.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

16) Twilight Highlands Volatile Fire Farm / Potential Gold: 3,000g – 10,000g / Target: Unbound Emberfiend.

It surprises me how this farm was not made public until Legion. It literally slipped through our sights all throughout WOD, where admittedly it would of been a GREAT replacement for the infinite embersilk spot that was quickly nerfed. Anyway, this volatile fire spot takes place in twilight highlands in the humboldt conflagration area – which is a small fire bed with about 20-30 elementals roaming around. Each time you kill you have a chance to recieve volatile fire which is worth 50 – 100g per drop. However, according to my test, the volatile fire has a higher drop chance than the volatile water. I believe this has to do with the popularity of the volatile water farm in WOD, it's popularity may have of gotten it stealth nerfed. Sad to say, but this spot is slightly better in my opinion. REMEMBER to use a potion of treasure finding.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

17) Badlands Dark Whelpling Farm / Potential gold: 1,000g – 14,000g / Target: Nyxondra's Broodling

Hands. Down. The. Best. Whelping. Spot. Ever. There are soo many spawns, and too many whelpings. This spot is very close to becoming an infinite farm. You just cant run out of targets to hit in such a confined area. Each whelping has an 0.09 chance to drop a dark whelping – which may seem small until you realize you can easily down 40 whelps in a minute. And by the time you finish, they will respawn. The farm takes place at the ruins of Kargath in badlands and is usually empty. Noone seems to visit this spot, probably because its more hit-or-miss than direct gold. If luck finds you, you can walk away with a popular pet that's worth a pretty 14,000g

Secret Gold Farming Locations

18) Hillsbrad Foothills HORDE ONLY Black Tabby Farm / Potential gold: 1,000g – 55,000g / Target: Stormpike Engineer

Okay, speaking of pet farms this one is a really unique Secret Gold Farming Locations. What we're looking for is the carrier cage : black tabby. This is a very sought after pet for both horde and alliance – which is why its price competitively at 55,000g. The farm takes place in Hillsbrad Foothills on a peninsula like piece of land just northwest of the yeti caves. There will be dozens of stormpike engineers surrounding ballistas that only horde characters can kill. However, that doesn't mean alliance polayers can't do this farm (im alliance myself). All you need to do is to create a class trial (monk is the best) and send him over to the grinding spot. Use the black ox statue to attract the mobs, and easily maul them down group by group. If luck is on your side, you can make out with an awesome black tabby carrier.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

19) Oldbess Deaths of Chromie Raw Gold Farm / Potential Gold: 1000g – 5000g / Target: Deaths of Chromie Scenario. 

YouTuber Oldbess recently uploaded a video about this cool method. Generally completing the scenario "Deaths of Chromie" will allow you to pick up the item "Time-Lost Wallet" in excess. You can get it from just killing the mobs or actually completing the scenario in full. By then end you will have dozens of time lost wallets. Each wallet awards 50g AND a rare chance at getting the Sandfury Axe Thrower.

Okay, this farm is by far my favorite old world Secret Gold Farming Locations. Generally because discovering this spot is like finding a hidden gem that the developers do not want you knowing about. The thing is, everyone talks about farming zul farrack by pulling the entire instance... Nope, the real gold is made by flying over zul farrack... If you fly over zul farrack until you reach the large steps that begins the usual third boss scenario, you will find that there are literally 50 trolls just hanging on the steps and another 25 just sitting at the foot of the steps. It's an amazing scene, as all these trolls have ACTIVE level 40-45 loot tables. Each and every one of them can drop cloth and mogs from the mid level era of items. Whats more is they don't take too long to respawn. ALSO they are not affected by the 7.3 transmog nerf because they ARE NOT in an instanced zone. Making this spot the BEST transmog spot in the game IMO. Check it out in the video, it's really awesome.

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21) Votex Pinnacle Volatile Air Farm / Potential Value : 5,000g – 17,000g / Target : Vortex Pinnacle Instance

Okay, this Secret Gold Farming Locations farm really picked up steam here in late legion. Generally what we're looking for is volatile air, and other volatiles when combined with the potion of treasure finding. This farm is as easy as pulling the entire instance all the way to the first boss – and AOE'ing down ebery mob that follows. In the video you can see me getting volatile airs in stacks of 11 for each pull I make. Wit the trending price of each volatile being worth at least 100g, I was making 1100g per pull. It's by far the most effcient volatile spot, but it has hits limits as you can only reset an instance 10 times before you have to wait a while to do it again. If you only going to be on for an hour or so, this is the spot you want to hit. It's great, fast, and awards a high liquid value of items. Awesome Stuff.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

22) DEADMINES defias Combat Drop Method / Expected gold: 100 – 14,000g / Target: The Deamines - Defias Overseer 

Awesome trick really. In this Secret Gold Farming Locations we'll be taking advantage of game mechanics to exploit a way into getting more defias loot drops. The defias leggings and gloves have respective selling prices of 3,000g and 14,000g and only drop from 1 mob in the instance a staggering 1% of the time. But do not fret, we can get the upper hand on this. Much like past drop-combat farms, if you kill just one of the two defias overseer's in the instance, THEN drop combat, the one you killed will instantly respawn. The trick here is to bring a character that can consistently drop combat and score many more kills than the average farmer. To date, a hunter is best – with night elf being slightly better because of shadowmeld. You can also bring potions of invisibility to boost the effect. Anyway, while the average farmer only gets 1 shot to get these super rare xmogs, with this method you can get up to 40 chances in an hour. Seems fair right?

Secret Gold Farming Locations

23) Essence of Water Farm / Potential Gold :4,000g – 7,000g / Target: Purespring elemental

For this Secret Gold Farming Locations we're taking it all the way back to eastern kingdoms. We're going to be killing the purespring elementals in the purespring cavern for the item essence of water. Essence of water is a semi-rare drop that goes for a shocking 252g per piece. The caveat is that it doesn't drop all too often, but is still worth the trouble. I wasn't getting TOO many of these, but I was still making bank with them. The essences are used to create the old-world illusions, so they do have some inherent value. Simply patrol the area and kill as many elementals as your heart desires. It's a really cool and fun farm that can be done on autopilot. Usually there is no one patrolling the spot.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

24) Steves Diremaul Instance Farm / Potential gold: 4,000g – 25,000g / Target: Diremaul West 

This was a Secret Gold Farming Locations that I made vastly popular on YouTube sometime last year. It is my FAVORITE farming spot of that era, simply becuase it was an old world farming spot that allowed you to hit almost 3 different markets. With this spot you can get cloths: Felcloth, runecloth, and mageweave. Herbs: Goldthorn, ghost mushroom, goldclover, and fadeleaf. World drops: rich purple shirt. AND a plethora of transmog from a single run. I literally had some pulls where I came out with 17,000g in item value for 10 minutes of farming. It was insane – actually it still is. Anyway If you have a druid or monk, then this is an awesome farm to hit ESPECIALLY if you are on a high populated server. Generally just pull the entire instance, and circle it back around the front. Mega gold to be made here.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

25) Sprite Darter Hatchling Farm / Potential Gold: 1,000 – 150,000g / Target: Grimtotem Marauder

I generally hate this Secret Gold Farming Locations, although I remember alot of farmers coming up big here. For my liking the drop chance on the sprite darter hatchling is very low and I couldnt ever come up with one during this expansion. HOWEVER, if you do get one, you an make out BIG - as this pet is non-existent on pretty much every server's AH. Did I mention it goes for a stunning 150,000g? Yup. Then add to the fact that many players LOVE this pet, especially girls for some reason... And you can make a big profit if you get one to drop. Honestly I hate it, it just rubbed me the wrong way. You can find it in new thalanar, on the very east side of feralas. Good luck.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

26) Tome Of Polymorph Porqupine / Potential Gold: 13,000g / Target: Smoky Porcupine – Jade forest. 

The entire Jade Forst is our farming spot for this one. Literally, the entire Jade Forest. The Jade Forest is crawling with porqupines and if you have a mage character, each one of them has chance to drop the polymorph porqupine tome. Which is excellent, because these tomes have a selling point of 13,000g across the board. They are really easy to get, and noone really pays attention to these spots. Try it if you like, I was able to get 2 on video, and have already sold one of them. 

Secret Gold Farming Locations

27) Bloodscalp Hunter – Northen Stranglethorn. 

A cool little pet farm that can take minutes or ages depending on the god of luck. This Secret Gold Farming Locations contains some of the most dense troll spawns in the game, and each has the highest chance to drop the parrot pet thats soo sought after. On every serve rthis per has amedian value of about 70,000g so picking one up can be a pretty cool feat. Like the sprite darter hatchling spot its, a random farming spot that requires alot of RNG to pull off, but if you get it to drop you can make out in spades. The other drops are miniscule when compared to this spot.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

28) The Straights of Hydronnon Druid Crab Farm / Potential Gold: 5,000g – 20,000g / Target: Deep Water Clacker

AWESOME Secret Gold Farming Locations... if you are a druid, here's why. This spot takes place on an island in the very north part of Stormheim, which is surrounded by water. In this water are 2 groups of crabs that roam in packs of 12. Each of these crabs can be skinned for scales and with the usual perks I mentioned in the earlier skinning spots. (See spot 13). The only catch is sometimes the crabs are very far apart and require some travelling to get to. Druid travel forms not only have increased swim speed, but the wild charge ability allows you to swim 150% faster for 10 seconds, all the while replenishing your breath meter. Pretty cool right? I found that druids are AWESOME for farming this spot and can easily outclass other farmers here. It's a druid spot that limits the competition – while ensuring you have the most uptime. Very cool. Gutting and level 3 stormscale skinning recommended.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

29) AQ10 Beat-to-Death Transmog Farm / Potenial Gold: 10,000 – 150,000g (HARD to liquidate) / Target: AQ10. 

This farm almost did not make the list, since every YouTuber and farmer alike has beaten it to death since it first appeared sometime in 2012. There are so many videos on this spot, that it's hard to to stumble across one, even while searching for something completely mundane, like chicken wings or golf clubs. Anyway, you want to pull the entire instance without aggroing any of the bosses, and if your a skinner you an make slightly more gold by skinning the hides. Generally this farm is being phased out by the lvl 58 twilight outpost farm, and with good reason. It's better and does not require you to enter the instance. So more drops for you! Not sure, why anyone would pick this spot over the latter unless you were really interested in increasing you skinning level.

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

Secret Gold Farming Locations

30) Maraudon Transmog and Harb Farm / Potential gold: 5,000 – 15,000g / Target: Maraudon PURPLE. 

This Secret Gold Farming Locations very much resembles the Dire Maul farm in that it allows you to hit multiple markets without having to do too much. You can mageweave, runecloth, greens, world drops, and herbs all from this one single spot with the addition of countless transmog items. I personally love this spot – however I feel I stumbled upon it a little to late. The benefits is that this is the LARGEST instance in the entire game – literally. You can spend up to 15 minutes pulling the entire instance. You are rewarded however with an abundance of drops of all kinds. You can quickly fill up your inventory here. If you need greens form the 47-51 area, this is your spot. As mentioned, you will also get soo many trade goods that it's hard not to fill even the biggest of bags.

Secret Gold Farming Locations 

31) Crimson Whelp Wetlands Farm / Potential Gold: 1,000 – 25,000g / Target: Ebon Slavehunter

The whlelping spot that has caused so much controversy in the gold farming community. I still think spot is mentionable because it's really the only reliable Secret Gold Farming Locations to pull out a crimson whelping. Most of you are probably thinking this farm is old and beat to death, and you are right. BUT that does not take away the fact that the whelping does drop highest from this farm. If you can get it from the slavemasters your looking at anywhere from 25,000g and above. A cool nifty old spot, that has survived the test of time.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

32) The NPC SCAN and NPC alert method: Target: The Entire World. 

The NPC scan and NPC alert method is an awesome way to build a stock of rare BOE items simply because you don't really have to try. By installing NPC scan and NPC alerts, you can literally just fly over anywhere and be alerted when you pass a rare spawn. As we all know, rare spawn loot tends to have higher item vales, as not everyone is able to consistently farm them. Some NPC's, especially those in outlands have those higher item values when compared to the rest of the world. As a goldmaking method I just everyone should be doing this. It only requires you download two addons and you can get access to important NPC,s that you would otherwise never knew existed. The opportunities are endless, I would generally never play without these cool addons. 

Secret Gold Farming Locations

33) The SSC Pet Farm / Potential Gold: 1,000g – 14,000g / Target: SSC. 

SSC has been known for it's abundance of pet drops, which is why this Secret Gold Farming Locations exists. It can only be done once a week by each of your characters, so make sure to hit it if you can. Generally you'll want to kill all the bosses for a chance at their rare pets. Everytime I go, I have the luck of getting one, in the video I actially got the Tideskipper to drop, and a video I done on the spot before that, I got the tainted waveling. So yeah. It's a pretty awesome spot with high rewards and also some world drops. I was able to snag a will of edward the odd as well, totalling a nasty 35,000g. The most important part is that you kill the bosses, the pet drops do sell, and they are very easy to get. Well worth the time invested.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

34) Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub / Potential Gold: 1,000g – 48,000g / Target: Arctic Grizzly – Dragonblight. 

The most rare and expensive poly morph tome drop and for a reason. The bears that drop it in this Secret Gold Farming Locations, are VASTLY spread out across the zone and getting one can mean hard farminh for a while. They also take a while to respawn so watch out. Getting one to drop can mean a staggering 48,000g, and on top of that compared to other pet farms and such, they have a much higher drop chance. Simply head over to dragonbligh on a mage character (class trial is perfect) and start the killing. Cross you fingers as there is an 0.4% chance to get one on each kill. Thats actually pretty high considering..

Secret Gold Farming Locations

35Gnomergan Farm / Potential Gold: 4000 – 60,000g / Target: Gnomergan. 

The last farm on this Secret Gold Farming Locations list, actually I was surprised this farm eluded me for so long. Generally speaking gnomergan is a huge confusing instance that takes some getting used to but if your a high value transmog farmer this does not scare you. You can pull the entire instance and get access to a plethora of high value loot such a recipes, world drops, greens and even engineer supplies. Overall this farm is shadowed by the Diremaul farm and Zulfarrak farm, but is an equal change of scenery with a wild card if you get the hot shot pilots gloves OR the mechbuilders overalls worth 400,000g and 60,000g respectively. A pretty cool neat farm that no one really mentioned until now.

Secret Gold Farming Locations

Anways, that was my mega list for late legion, and even though the 7.3 updates kind of nerfed some of the instanced spots, these farms are still kicking butt. I suggest you find the farms that you like and give them a whirl. 

If you're looking for more Secret Gold Farming Locations, watch the video below, then like and follow the YouTube channel.

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Thanks goes to AHPlayas for this Secret Gold Farming Locations gold guide in WoW Legion.

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk

This is a method to Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk which can earn you massive amounts of gold, but only for a limited time. Shadow Silk is currently selling for around 2k gold each on my server, which means if you can farm them quickly, then they will sell rather well. This item will likely become the next hot thing, which will drive prices down quickly, but if done now, rather than later I suspect you will make a quick small fortune. 

You should after a couple runs, be able to do this in your sleep. If so, here's a little something to help you to stay awake and focused.

Take the Guesswork out of Gold Farming

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow SilkShadow Silk can be used in the following high demand items;

Shadoweave Mask (8)

Parachute Cloak (2)

Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (2)

The method I am about to share with you, takes less than 2 minutes on a Demon Hunter, and will net about 4-5 Shadow Silk, making this a pretty good method for Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk.

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk instructions

Follow this path, and the same path back. Kill everything in your path to maximize gold per run.

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Tome of Porcupine Farming – WoW

Tome of Porcupine FarmingToday, we're going to teach you Tome of Porcupine Farming in World of Warcraft. When farming these items, I farm about 3 per hour, which can be sold for around 30k gold each. These can only be farmed by mages and the drop rate is about .2%. This means you need to kill sheer droves of them.

However if you don't have a high level mage, there might be a way around this restriction 😉 ...

Tome of Porcupine Farming

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Thanks for reading this Tome of Porcupine Farming method with added information and video, let us know in the comments below what you thought of it and your results...

Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide – WoW

On my server in World of Warcraft, with this Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide, Large Brilliant Shard Farming GuideI can make 20k gold hourly. This might not be the same for you however, as let's face it - different shards have different prices for Large Brilliant Shards. So before you step into this guide, check your server prices and see if this is something worthwhile for you. If the price of these shards are 200 gold each or more, then you will see similar results.

Obviously, if we are Large Brilliant Shard Farming, then we are using enchanting to disenchant items to get these shards. Make sure that you have a character that can disenchant as well as checking the current rate for the shards.

Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide

Trust me. After a few runs, you'll be doing this on autopilot and will be able to enjoy some of life's finer pleasures. But before I go into this guide, I ask that you share it to social media. This way, more people can benefit from this guide, and it gets the word out, that we are still here after all these years.

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Well thats it for this Large Brilliant Shard Farming guide. Don't forget to share this guide with others, and let others know we aren't just cheats here. 

Converting WoW Gold to Money

Recently, in a conversation, I was discussing how to go about Converting WoW Gold to Money. Money of course being US Dollars, or other currencies or Bitcoin. It was after a long chat on botting, and using bots to make real life money, via WoW Gold. The problem which usually ensues, is that once you bot the gold, the gold raises suspisions when its transferred in large chunks off the account. There are a few solutions, but the final solution, I think is the most ingenious.

Converting WoW Gold to Money

Converting WoW Gold to MoneySo the best way, is to have a non-active account, or perhaps a low level account which makes a guild bank, and automatically makes all other persons in the guild an officer who can change how much gold can be pulled out of the guild bank at one time. This allows a user to join the guild for the express purpose of withdrawing large amounts of gold. Since the leader's account isn't active, it's a bit hard to be banned, but there is a lot of trust needed for the buyer and the seller. 

Another way, which is one of the elder methods, is to sell items off the AH which have little to no value. This method loses a small amount, unless traded on the neutral AH, in which case it costs some significant fees.

Mailing gold, is almost always an instant ban, but can be used for small amounts. However in today's game, it's rather insignificant.

The final method to Converting WoW Gold to Money, which I consider the most ingenious, but also limited, is to purchase WoW Tokens. Each WoW token gives you $15 in your balance, and then can be used to purchase game keys. If done correctly, will allow you to buy and sell game keys directly to consumers (or to offer RAF leveling for money), which in turn means you convert the monies under Blizzard's nose. Should your account ever be banned, the balance will not be affected, nor any of the other keys.

However, this method to Converting WoW Gold to Money (via WoW Tokens), is also slow. This is because you can only have one WoW Token on your account at a time. So buy a token for around 90k in gold, and then buy a WOW Token to convert to cash, can be very slow.

The alternative method to Converting WoW Gold to Money, is to sell to a Chinese exchange. But the risk of getting your account banned, is very large. But selling large quantities of gold, is going to net you a pretty good fortune as well, which should help cover the loss of the account. Of course you can also try to sell it yourself on various marketplaces, trade forums, and mmo auctions sites like Players Auctions, but these sites can also have high fees, or an enormous risk.


LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker

If you had this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker, you would no longer wonder what to do with the mats that you farmed. You plug in the prices of your mats, plug in the prices of what you can make, and then simply look at where you can make a profit on the Auction House, in World of Warcraft.

Buy Zygor's Guides - Always have the latest version

LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker

LEGION Gold Flipping SpreadsheetI am not going to lie to you, this won't be a matter of using a tool to scan the AH, you're going to have to do the work yourself and input numbers directly into this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet. However there are some numbers already in it, and they might work partially, but each server is going to be different, and you will want to manually update it at least once a week to ensure that the profits are where you think they are. Just opening it with Open Office (free) however, you're going to be able to look at the numbers and get a rough idea of where you can profit, if you are able to use all the crafting abilities on your various characters.

If you don't understand the term Gold Flipping, let me explain it. It means you buy an item off the AH (or sometimes farm them), then look to your spreadsheet to see if it suggests you disenchant, sell the item, or change it another way, to secure more of a profit. Now, you could subscribe to Zygor's Gold addon, and it will do this for you, automatically - but it's going to cost you about $8 a month, every month. Here, you simply download the spreadsheet and then input your own numbers, so that you can do it manually. The choice is yours...

Download LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


If there is anything we missed on this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet, let us know in the comments below...


Thanks to user:Ketrish for this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet

Underlight Angler AP Leveling Trick

Underlight Angler AP Leveling TrickHave you tried Underlight Angler AP Leveling, yet? [Underlight Angler], the fishing artifact, can be quite annoying to level. I've tried many baits to farm AP with and this gave mixed results. The trick I am going to share with you, is the best way to level and farm artifact power.


Underlight Angler AP Leveling Trick

The fastest way for Underlight Angler AP Leveling is with the use of

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide – Free Download

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide was last updated on 31 Aug 2016 for WoW Legion. Please note that this is only the Auction module which contains DynastyCore, DynastyTycoon, and The Undermine Journal. It is only the Gold Guide portion of the Dynasty suite of software. If you want leveling guides (Dynasty Booster), use Zygor's. If you want Builds, Gear Optimization & Rotations (DynastyEdge), then use Dugi's. These guides are all free for our members on this site as well.

Easiest In-Game Gold Guide

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide for WoW Legion

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide is a great alternative to Trade Skill Master aka (TSM), for those who seem to struggle to set it up properly.

  • Gathering materials such as ores & herb or farming cloth, leather and elemental reagents listed with competition tracker to give some heads up on how fast you'll be able to sell the farmed materials. There is a gold calculator build in to track how much you will actually farm per hour. A map route provided for several farming routes.
  • Crafting with professions listed in the same way as gathering/farming is. Provided with competition and profit (total costs to craft versus potential for profit).
  • Dungeon farming, which dungeon are most profitable in gold per run. Clear up a maximum of 10 runs before a 1 hour lockout.
  • Last but not least the auction house module, which is easier to setup then TSM.

Installation of Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

Installing Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide is probably one of the easiest things you can do.

  1. Download Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide (see below)
  2. Open zip and extract to your WorldofWarcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.
  3. Open game and enjoy.
  4. If you can't find the addon, you may have to select the option to load out of date addons.

Remember, some addons will claim you can sell the items on the AH. Selling on the AH is not a guaranteed sale. Instead in some ways, selling to a merchant is much more likely.

Download Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Quick Guide for Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

Be sure to make use of The Undermine Journal - Realm or Global as data gatherer when scanning the Auction House. They update it every few days with new data. I have included it in the zip file but you can download it from here: The Undermine Journal.

You can use your ingame scanner as well, but players who post Grey Pants for thousands of gold can really screw with the numbers.

  1. Load up Tycoon by clicking on the Dynasty Icon (Mana Flask) on your minimap ring. Then select the Tycoon Icon.
  2. If you're using The Undermine Journal, then select the "Data Source" dropdown box and select either TUJ (Realm) or TUJ (Global). Tycoon will now use TUJ for calculations.

Auctions give you a quick list of items which can be bought and resold for quick profit.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Auction House
Dynasty Tycoon 2 AH Scan

Instances takes the average run time, what mobs are in the instance, the number of mobs in the instance, what each mob drops, then takes the drop rate from Wowhead and calculates it all together to get an average "worth" of each mob. This gives you a very accurate estimate of how much each instance will make.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Instances

Professions will take the costs to make every recipe if you purchased all the mats from the Auction House. Then it will check the value of the finished product to determine if it's profitable. Then it will tell you how many recipes are profitable for each profession and the total amount of gold you could potentially make.

Crafting will tell you what recipes you can make for profit using the same calculations used for Professions.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Crafting

Farming includes both Gathering and Farming Hotspots.
- Gathering: Takes the average number of nodes found per hour, the amount of material found per node, and the current value of the material on the market and calculates it to determine how much gold per hour you can make.
- Farming: Takes the average number of mobs you can kill per hour, what items drop from the mob, and the drop rate of all the items and calculates it to determine how much gold per hour you can make.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Farming

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Herbing

If you like this Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide, please like and share to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. You spreading the word about this site helps keep us going.

Chaos Crystals AH farming – WoW

Chaos Crystals AH farmingIf you're already doing the Chaos Crystals AH farming trick, then you know with the AH in fluctuation and with it going up or down, then this can be a bit difficult at times. However there are a few rules I want you to consider when you buy items to disenchant.

Chaos Crystals AH farming

Please remember, that wtih Chaos Crystals AH farming, results will vary by server. We cannot account for whomever may also be using this technique.

Prior to beginning, check prices of Chaos Crystal in AH and be an Enchanter. Since you are disenchanting, there doesn't seem to be a level requirement for this - at this time.

Dugi's WoW Guides - Official Website

Credit to Super-Kop for this WoW gold making method. 5k bank start. After a few days of the LEGION expansion, WoW Gold up to 450k and growing! 

For those interested... the "Chaos Crystal" that I used for the image above right, is actually a Bismuth Crystal. You can make your own, using this tutorial.

If you found this Chaos Crystals AH farming method useful, please share this post on your favorite social media.

New Gold Farming Method 7k-21k hourly – WoW

There is always going to be some New Gold Farming Method, and this one is no different. It will work for a time, until it stops working, because it will become over farmed. But until then, this is a new one which boasts a return of around 7k to 21k gold per hour, depending upon which server you're on.

New Gold Farming Method

This New Gold Farming Method is pretty simple. We will be farming one of the materials needed for the Illusion Tomes which have been climbing in both demand and price. Currently Essences of Water go for around 100g to 300g each. Really not too significant, but when you realize that you can post 60+ per hour, that's when it becomes significant.

So you will want to head on over to the Swamp Of Sorrows , the far west near the pool ( cords: 19/59 )

We will then be targeting Purespring elementals. They have a 5% chance to drop Essence of Water. Really that's again insignificant, until you realize that the respawn timer is almost instantaneous. 

Any class can do this, you can use a class with mobility and pulling power to gather them up and AOE them down!

If there is someone else farming these babies up, there are a couple other mobs you can also try, or even fish them up, but your chance to fish them is .02% unless you find a pool of them. You can also try farming Steaming Fury near Ub'Goro Crater or Ice Avatar near Winterspring, but I have no idea if they will be as effective. Last you can also transmute them, but with a 1 day cooldown they aren't as efficient as Purespring elementals.

Hopefully you guys have luck both farming and selling these! Feel free to come with advice and tips about similar/better spots.

New Gold Farming Method

New Server WoW Gold Farming

This New Server WoW Gold Farming, is probably one of my favorite methods to gaining gold on a new server. You might be thinking why would you need WoW Gold on a new server in the first place. If that's the case, then let me give you 2 plausible answers, among many. Continue reading "New Server WoW Gold Farming"

Max Garrison WoW Gold

In 1 week, using this guide to Max Garrison WoW Gold, I was able to achieve 20k gold farmed, simply from doing missions. It's important to note that collecting gold find followers from your inn will help you immensely. Let's start with a how to, then get to an overview of the buildings you can get in your garrison, and their cost/profit. You can ease the pain of buying recipes by doing outpost missions. 

Don't forget! If you don't want to farm it yourself, then you can always just purchase the gold from a trusted gold seller. Continue reading "Max Garrison WoW Gold"

Rare WoW Item – Battered Hilt for Transmog

It's not really a Rare WoW Item - Battered Hilt, but it is something which many people are seeking right now, and depending on your server might go for anywhere from 8 to 35 thousand WoW gold (read: Transmog). Continue reading "Rare WoW Item – Battered Hilt for Transmog"

LEGION Transmog Preparations – WoW

I decided it's time to start doing some LEGION Transmog Preparations. With this, I have been working out how to actually become prepared for LEGION and the best way I can think of is with transmog. While others will be farming gold, leveling their characters, or maxing out their gear, I will instead be farming LEGION transmog items. With the expansion not even remotely near release, now is the time to do this.... but how you ask? Continue reading "LEGION Transmog Preparations – WoW"

15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming – WoW

I have read that some people claim profits much higher with this 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming tip, 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming - WoWbut I am more realistic. Once people know about it, prices are going to drop, and instead of the 20k gold that these items are selling for, they will drop quickly to the 5k I am estimating in the guide.

Note, to achieve 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming... well you need to be a rogue. This will not work on any other class, due to a specific skill that only rogues have - obviously it's not stealth because then a Night Elf or a Druid might be able to do it. It's pick-pocketing. Continue reading "15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming – WoW"

Secret Gold Video Guide – Earn 1 Million WoW Gold

Secret Gold Video Guide - Earn 1 Million WoW GoldHello everyone! Many people have asked me "how do you earn all your gold", so I decided to make this Secret Gold Video Guide, How Earn 1 Million WoW Gold!  I have linked 4 total videos, which make up this Secret Gold Video Guide. They were done on one of my alt names on Youtube. If you don't want to hassle with earning, you can always purchase the WoW gold from a friend of mine... Continue reading "Secret Gold Video Guide – Earn 1 Million WoW Gold"

WoW Gold Tip – Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

If you like WoW Gold, then you're going to love this WoW Gold Tip about the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Recently, as you probably already know, WoW had a significant update. But since most of you probably don't read the patch notes, you might not have already noticed a significant change. Continue reading "WoW Gold Tip – Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent"

WoW Dupe Working on Live

WoW Dupe Working on LiveThis WoW Dupe Working on Live, is a monumental trick which will allow you to make WoW gold, very easily. It will give you a chance at some super rare items or to make around a potential 2000g per session. This is the low end of what you can make with this trick, the potential is to make much more. Continue reading "WoW Dupe Working on Live"

Transfer Gold Between Servers – WoW

Transfer Gold Between Servers - WoWThe method to Transfer Gold Between Servers in WoW, is actually kind of easy, with a little preparation. In order to Transfer Gold Between Servers, we are going to use a BattlePet exploit. This method is fairly well known, and as such, we aren't going to hide it from the general public. Do know however, that while I call it an exploit, it's an exploit to the economy, but not something that Blizzard is watching or has a care about. This Transfer Gold Between Servers method however will save you the cost of transferring characters between servers as well as opening cross-faction gold transfers. Continue reading "Transfer Gold Between Servers – WoW"

WoW Gold Farming

WoW Gold FarmingWoW Gold Farming hasn't changed much over the years, but there are still some things which are still static, as far as which ways are the easiest and most profitable. In this case, we are going to list the easiest way for WoW Gold Farming, which can be done by almost any character. 


WoW Gold Farming is probably easiest with WoW AH Flipping, which means buying low, somehow transforming the item, and then selling it for a profit. WoW AH Flipping can be profitable, but it means micro-managing your AH buys and sells. There is however an alternative to WoW Gold Farming via AH Flipping, and it's an easy method which can mean a 3k to 20k WoW Gold profit on one sale, with minimum investment...

Continue reading "WoW Gold Farming"