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Connecting Keyboard Mouse Console Tutorial

When it comes to this Connecting Keyboard Mouse Console Tutorial, there is such a small line between console gaming and computer gaming, in large part to XBoxOne and Windows 10 being owned by Microsoft. That line is getting so small,

XBox Playstation VPN Guide

This XBox Playstation VPN Guide was created to show you how to hide your connection behind a VPN. The benefit of hiding any console behind a VPN, is to hide your true IP, as well as to prevent doxing or being

Siege Weapon Duping – ESO

It appears that ESO Siege Weapon Duping is now possible on the XBox version of Elder Scrolls Online. We have posted the exact steps, but I don't think it can be duplicated on the PS4 or PC versions of ESO as well

Use XBox Wireless Controller on Windows 10

In just a few days, you will be able to use an XBox Wireless Controller on Windows 10. They are releasing a Wireless Adapter Device on October 27th, which will allow you to use any XBox Wireless controller with games

Minecraft XBox Controller

XBox Controller

Do you want to enable a Minecraft XBox Controller for use with your Minecraft game? This simple tool allows you to use a pad with functionality over the default controls of Minecraft. Extract the Java plugin Run plugin Plug in control

Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams

I have seen these Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams, and it's time to shed some light on them. If you are someone who likes Hulu Plus or Netflix (I do!), then you might have tried searching for an alternative

XBox One Kinect: Does You XBox One Listen to You?

Recently, Techno Buffalo took on the XBox One, to see what its response to voice activation would be. This is touted as XBox One's most innovative feature. Check the video below to see how it went.

Video: Understanding the differences between PS4 and XBoxOne

Which console should you buy, the PS4 or XBox One? We can't answer that, as it will always be a personal choice. However, this video will draw conclusions based on hardware, for which console is better for gaming, and which

News – Nvidia: Consoles Can No Longer Surpass PC Graphics

Console companies just don't have the resources to compete with GPU makers anymore. Nvidia's Senior Vice President of Content and Technology, Tony Tamasi, recently talked with PC PowerPlay about the typical comparison between the PC platform and consoles. He revealed

Defiance: Information, Synopsis, Links, and Fact Sheet

Defiance, the game is set to be released in April 2nd, 2013 with the TV show following two weeks later on the 15th. It's a cross-venture between the SyFy channel and Trion Worlds, and can be played simultaneously by gamers

Call of Duty – Black Ops II – Full Download with Crack

Yah, we got it here for you, one of the most anticipated games of 2012... Call of Duty Black Ops II. The PC (Windows) version, comes with a crack so you can play the non-online version start to finish. This

Diablo 3 Coming to Console

Diablo 3 Coming to ConsoleBy: Andrew Webster A console version of the much-anticipated Diablo 3 has been rumored for quite some time, due in no small part to developer Blizzard admitting back in September that it was experimenting with a

MW3: XBox Controller for Windows PC – xPadder custom profile

MW3 doesn't have native support for the XBox controller on the PC, so instead, we can use xPadder. xPadder is a simulation program which allows the xBox controller to be used on a Windows based PC. Supports Windows XP, Vista

Call of Duty Black Ops: Domination/HQ Sniper Spot

Credit to linny for this find The map isn't that clear, but there is a blue mark at the top of the map, its the ledge that you climb over to jump down where location "B" would be, or under