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Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration – WoW

In this Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration, we take up the old-school method of exploring the game. Years ago, we used to explore World of Warcraft, by any means necessary, and there were some pretty spectacular views, and some pretty

Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels

You might not know how to Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels, so I figure I can teach you. The most important parts, are needing viewers and recording software. There are a few softwares to choose from, but if you are going

Unblock YouTube Free Proxy

Unblock Youtube

It's easy to Unblock YouTube. I hate when a YouTube video is blocked, because we are in the wrong region of the world. This is censorship, but usually has to do with licensing or government laws. As a YouTube user,

GW2: Jumping Puzzle Solution Goemm’s Lab in Metrica Province

Once again, furthering the Jumping Puzzles' solutions we have the solution to Goemm's Lab in Metrica Province for you, along with some useful tips. This video guide will teach you how pass all the stages and how to attune yourself

FFXIV: Relaunch Video Trailer

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - releases new video trailer showing only footage from actual gameplay. It's a move which will probably bring back some old players, after their recent flop on entering the market. Most games, release trailers which bring

GW2: 4 Pillars of Guild Wars 2 Gameplay videos

These are the 4 Pillars, or core parts of the game, shown in video format by ArenaNet. These 4 pillars are; personal story, dynamic events, combat, and PvP. GW2 Personal Story 

End of Nations: The Basics Video Tutorial

This short video, will give you a feel for the game, and get you started on how the game play works. It's much the same as Starcraft 2, so if you have played that, you should feel right at home.

Lotro Lookout: The in-between edition

written and compiled by Tom Riddle It’s been a long time since the last Lotro Lookout, back in October 2011 was posted. Before I get to my usual long winded rant/diatribe and newly found Lotro links there are a few time sensitive things to mention:

The Secret World: Common Questions Answered

While it doesn't seem that you can add more bars in the game for abilities, you might also notice that it's not possible to add pots (potions) such as health regen to the bars either. There is how ever a

Minecraft: World of Warcraft – Stormwind style

The time that people put into some of these "worlds" is amazing. The fact that someone is recreating Stormwind, from within Minecraft is even more impressive. Check out the video to see the progression...

Diablo 3: What is Magic Find, how does it affect farming

This is a video guide which will explain the Magic Find stat, how it affects finding magical items, and also where to find the best items in Diablo 3, while the Magic Find stat is active on your character.

SWTOR: Video Series – How to be a better raider

FubsyGamr has started a new YouTube series, where he runs through each flashpoint (aka instance), and talk about raiding, PUGs, and how to play your role in the game. Also talks about keybinds in the first video, which is a very

Download YouTube Clips as AVI, MP3, WMV, etc

Recently due to complaints by music companies, Youtube changed their format for videos, making it more difficult to download or convert them to MP3s. However I recently came across a media download site which will continue to allow you to

WoW: Cataclysm Video Trailer – Deathwing

  Official Cataclysm YouTube Channel Background Image, featuring Deathwing

Tools: Music Downloads & Listening

This is a post, which has nothing to do with mmo's, so if you are looking for info on mmo's, then skip this post.  Instead, this is a post on how and where I get the music, I listen to.

WoW Machinima movie making essentials + subscriber bonus

One of the things I think which prevents most people from bothering to make movies for games, is simply the lack of knowing how to make them.  This guide was written, for WoW. However some of the information can be

Free app: ScreenCamera – today only (see video capture)

Giveaway of the day, is giving away a screen capture tool, which can be used to capture video and recordings of games. You can then use this to edit and make your very own videos to upload to YouTube

World of Warcraft: Get your Netherdrake Mount faster

This video is to show you how to get your own drake with just a few minutes of farming each day. It will show you the "loop" or path used to stack up tons of eggs every day. The