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Special Offer ending soon If you donate with PayPal (accepts credit cards) to help cover my expenses since my accident I will help you out in return.  Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed on this

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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Animated Zombie Wallpaper for Windows

Do you remember seeing zombies clawing at the window last Halloween, as you, your friends, or kids went around gathering treats from neighbors? Now, they can claw on your background instead with this Animated Zombie Wallpaper.  Live wallpapers can be fun.

GTAV Zombie Mod

This GTAV Zombie Mod, brings you to the edge of civilization as the zombies have nearly taken over. It's the feature that has been requested from Rockstar Games but never realized. You've survived San Andreas, but now from nowhere zombies

Surviving Black Ops 2 Zombies – Tips & Tricks

Surviving Black Ops 2 Zombies. Let's just say that this isn't like the older version of the game, from Black Ops 1 - this is the new and improved version, with a much smarter Artificial Intelligence and more deranged game

BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table

The BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table, is a set of offsets to use with the PC version of COD BlackOps 3. You can use these to make your own trainer, or to change the game to your liking - at least

Crossfire: Zombie Mode Survivalist Guide

This guide will teach you how to kill and survive in zombie mode in Crossfire, by teaching you which weapons work best, how to reload faster, and then key strategies to survival and winning tactics. What is Crossfire? A Multi-Platform

Path of Exile: Witch Fire Summoner Build & Guide

The goal of this build are to have an army of zombies with high fire damage. Your basic fight consists of approaching an enemy group and dropping a spell totem with summon skeletons attached. These skeletons act as a meat

Black Ops 2: How To Build Zombie Shield in Tranzit

The zombie shield in CoD Black Ops 2 is a useful tool for protecting yourself against zombie attacks. It has limited durability unfortunately, and you don’t earn any points, but it can still take a fair amount of punishment. 

Black Ops 2: How to build a Pack-A-Punch Machine in Tranzit

If you intend to get around in Tranzit, you’re going to need a Pack-A-Punch machine. It will power-up your weapons to help you survive the zombie hordes which are intent in turning you into one of their masses... or eating

Black Ops 2: Zombies Nuketown Survival Guide

What makes Nuketown different from the other zombie Survival Maps (Green Run maps) is that the bonuses (Perk machines and Pack-a-Punch) have a slightly different mechanism of existence – they don’t occupy specific regions of the map. Instead, they randomly

Black Ops 2: Zombie Glitches and Cheats

Sometimes you need a little help to survive the oncoming waves of zombies, and this guide on the various glitches and cheats will help. We recommend using these in the later rounds, so as not to ruin the experience for

Zombie Lane: 5 Final Tips for noobs and pros alike

I have decided to give up Zombie Lane. I have just about hit a brick wall with my play in this game. My buddy Rich is gonna be saddened that I no longer hire him, no longer send him daily

Zombie Lane: Easiest Way to Clear Rubble

If you've got a Zombie infestation over on Zombie Lane, then you might have a hard time clearing rubble which is underneath the feet of some nasty hard hitting zombies. Now you could try to lead them away or kill

Zombie Lane: Easiest way to farm coins

At level 12, I get a total of 19 clicks without taking energy drinks or eating food. This allows me to easily gather up coins and do farm upto 1500 quickly. But I have a couple tricks I use for

Zombie Lane: Repair Fences, near masses of mobs trick

Once in a while you go and repair your fences. This is a good way to fix fences which mobs are still giving the beat down to. It will allow you to repair the fences, without getting close to the

Zombie Lane: Pause Fence Damage, Collect Energy cheat

If you have the time, meaning you aren't just visiting your home on Zombie Lane for a couple minutes, then there is a cheat which will allow you to gain energy without the need to worry if zombies are attacking

Zombie Lane: How to expand your yard, without buying fences

If you are new to Zombie Lane, then this is a useful tip to teach you hot to expand your yard, without the need to purchase fences. We can do this a little at a time, and it won't cost

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Guide

The electricity from the teleporter fades and you find yourself in the lobby of Kino Der Toten. Perhaps you are on your own or you have three comrades by your side to fight off the horde. Either way, this guide

Slashdot Article: Diablo 3 at Blizzcon 2010

At this year's Blizzcon, we got to try out a section of Diablo 3 that was pulled directly from the single-player storyline and playable with all classes. A large number of skills and abilities were playable, and the skill rune

Vampires in MMO’s and other media

This isn't an exclusive mmo post as I am a vampire fanboy, generally speaking. I am still waiting for a vampire/lycanthrope/witches/zombie and possibly demons mmo.  Not really sure how many of you follow different series and movies.  I was checking

Fallen Earth: A rediscovery of a game recently released

I decided to review this game again.  I wanted to see what has changed, what's better about it, and get an overall new impression of it.  I have learned a few tricks, which will help with noobs to this game,

Fallen Earth: Zombie Killing exploit

In Odenville, you can get the quest Zombies in Hot Pursuit. You can set the trap and kill the zombies before they get the bait. You can just keep killing them that way for easy exp.

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