Remove Invisible Barriers – Tera Online

Remove Invisible Barriers - Tera OnlineIf you want to Remove Invisible Barriers & walls in Tera, its a simple edits, and you are ready to go. Surprisingly this is all a client side edit, which will remove all the invisible barriers in the game. Once you get through the barrier, you can repatch it back to normal, or leave it as is (always make a backup of the original files - and don't show off!).

Remove Invisible Barriers & Walls

So in order to Remove Invisible Barriers and Walls in Tera Online, the first thing to do will be to make a backup of the following files:

Go to: TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data

And make copies of ACN_CollisionMap.gmpANC_A_Collision_Map.gmp, and ANC_C_Collision_Map.gmp. These will be the files you will be editing. Copy them to your desktop of another folder, just not in the Tera directories anywhere. Alternatively, zip them all up in the Tera directory and just call it or something like that. I like using zips since it can sometime compress files while backing them up where I will need them.

Next, we will be So now at this point, you should be ready to enter into the game. Open the game, and any invisible barrier which was blocking your path before, should now be gone. Please note that when you Remove Invisible Barriers it becomes quite obvious you have hacked the client or the game. You can blame it on lag if someone notices it, or brag online that you logged in, went forward and that the barrier was missing, but under no circumstances should you share the actual method.

Tip: Now that you have done the Remove Invisible Barriers game edit, you can now go to the Green vortex portal that usually has an invincible wall. Walk right through it. You should now be able to enter Baldera.


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