Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

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This isn't a cheat, just something you can get, if you missed this quest chain because you were botting, or wanted to level faster. At level 55, you can complete the quest line in under 5 minutes, netting you an easy 20k for each character that you skipped the quest with. So goto the starter area and do the Dawn Island Quest Chain.

Do the quest chain from the starting point of the map and wait till you get the white present that gives you additional rewards once you hit a certain level. By starting point, I mean where your character first appears once it gets created (make a new character if you can't figure out where that is). Now just spam click that present, in the end you will end with 50 Extensive Alkahest which is worth around 20k~


4 Responses to Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

  1. Fohawk86 says:

    I can get 2 mil in 5 minutes at 55 solo…

  2. blackheart says:

    it’s not about the exp, but if you can get 2 mil exp at level 55, that’s just plain awesome!

  3. Fohawk86 says:

    Oh, what is it about?

  4. Fohawk86 says:

    OH! You mean 20k gold. Haha my bad bro.

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