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Zura's LazyBot CrackZura's LazyBot Crack for the game Tera Online will give you unlimited time to use their bot, with no monthly/yearly fees. You will first need to download and install Zura's LazyBot for Tera Online, then apply the crack, and finally open both the bot and the game to enjoy all of it's features. Keep reading below for more information and the download...

Zura's LazyBot Crack

Note: We host no files here due to DMCA laws. 

WARNING: Usage of bots in online games, can cause bans or suspensions. Use at your own risk.

So in order to start, we're going to assume you have the game Tera Online installed. It's free2play, so should be no problem to pickup and install if you don't.

Next, you're going to need to download Zura's LazyBot and install it. You will need to use the Lazy Launcher to download the bot. Once you do that, go ahead and rename Zuras.exe to Zuras.exe.bak, in the lazy launcher folder. Now copy the new file (the crack) to the same directory where you installed the bot.

Launch the bot, and go. 

Tip: If you need technical support for the bot, just goto the official forums, and request it there or get the latest profiles. DO NOT tell them you're using the cracked version of Zura's LazyBot - this will get you banned from the bot and may cause issues with your botting pleasure.

Download Zura's LazyBot Crack

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VIP Member download (password)

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