Extra Medkits Cheat – The Division

If you're playing The Division, then you might find it useful to have this Extra Medkits Cheat. Instead of holding 5, you can hold a max of 7 with some simple instructions.

Extra Medkits Cheat for The Division

medkitMedkits are items which will replenish your health over time once they’ve been consumed. Medkits are set to the right button on your controller pad by default, I am not sure what they are set to on computers - check your keybindings. When you see the orange bars of your health depleting, simply give the button a press and your health should jump up by a big amount with it's Heal over Time effect (HoT).

Now in order to carry and use the Extra Medkits Cheat, you will need the Oriign Agents Reward (4 Outfit Sets).

Equip one of the outfits, then Refill your stuff. Next, equip another outfit and refill again. Now go back to your original outfit's Backback while having 2 more Medikits equipped.

Note: This Extra Medkits Cheat, also works with ammo, allowing you to carry upto 75% more ammo as well.

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