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Farming Phoenix Credits GuideIf you've been playing Tom Clancy's The Division, you might have wondered what is the best method for Farming Phoenix Credits. You're in luck! I know how, and I am going to share it with you. I have been playing The Division on my PC for a bit now (I even got the The Division's Season's Pass after I learned how much I liked it).

The Division - Farming Phoenix Credits Guide

Phoenix Credits are the end game currency that becomes available upon reaching level 30 - the current level cap. Those who reach that level can use Phoenix Credits to purchase items from the Special Gear Vendor, as well as certain vendors within the Dark Zone. They are used for purchasing the highest quality weapons, gear and mods.

Players have found several methods for quickly accumulating Phoenix Credits, one of which includes farming Dark Zone bosses for High-end loot drops - with more then 4 people. For this Farming Phoenix Credits Guide, we will show you a more efficient way to farm Phoenix Credits without having to go into the Dark Zone at all. Later, at the bottom, we will also reveal a cheat to Farming Phoenix Credits, which while easily doable, might be something you want to avoid since it can run the game for some.

At first when Farming Phoenix Credits, we want to start with farming currency and high end loot (yellow), which is dropped from named bosses in the Dark Zone. This will also help players level up their Dark Zone rank at the same time, allowing you to access higher level Dark Zone regions with better vendor loot.

The downside of Dark Zone farming is having to spend lots of time in the Dark Zone in general, where the threat of rogue agents and difficult enemies always looms. The High-end gear acquired during Dark Zone Phoenix Credits Farming, is always at risk, at until it's extracted to one’s personal stash.

A better method for farming Phoenix Credits has since become available based off of this initial idea of farming Dark Zone bosses. Instead what we will do, is repeatedly kill and farm an elite named boss. However, this method does not require going into the Dark Zone. The named boss you will defeat is found in a low level, uncontaminated district.

Farming Phoenix CreditsStart by fast travelling to Autumn’s Hope Safe House, located within the Times Square district in the north. Exit the Safe House, and turn right. Turn left at the Merét building, and continue toward the closest intersection.

When you encounter a group of hostiles near the street corner, locate an elite named boss with a yellow bar. This is the boss you will be Farming Phoenix Credits from. All you have to do is defeat this elite named boss as quickly as possible, then allow the other enemies to kill you. We recommend using the Pulse ability to quickly identify the named elite and cut down your farming time. Do not kill the other hostile mobs, otherwise the elite boss won’t respawn.

When you die, respawn at the Autumn’s Hope Safe House once again and head back to the same intersection to repeat the process. This elite boss will usually drop 1-3 Phoenix Credits, and should always drop one or two purple Superior items. These purple items can either be deconstructed for parts, or sold to a vendor for additional Phoenix Credits, which can then be used to purchase High-end weapons or gear.

Killing this elite boss at level 30 should take less than a minute, meaning you can farm this boss for about 150 Phoenix Credits per hour, not including the credits earned for selling the Superior items. Although the Dark Zone farming method may drop more Phoenix Credits per boss, defeating DZ bosses usually takes a lot longer. Plus, the Dark Zone method usually requires teaming up with other players to effectively defeat DZ bosses, while this Farming Phoenix Credits method can be done solo.

Since this is a cheat site after all, I am also going to list how to get more then 4 people in your group, should you choose to instead opt to Farming Phoenix Credits in the Dark Zone. This is considered a glitch, and could be fixed at any time - though likely not till the next patch.

So here we go - the 5-8 person Lobby glitch for Tom Clancy's The Division explained...

Original Farming Phoenix Credits Guide written by Larryn Bell, adapted for this site and it's readers.

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