The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table

The Division Multi-HackWhat exactly is the The Division Multi-Hack? Its a long list of hacks which can be used on the Windows version of Tom Clancy's The Division. The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table works with Cheat Engine and the screenshots below will show the The Division Multi-Hack in action with all it's options.

Features include Head Stretch, Big Head (see image on left), Enemy Health, Teleport, Underground mode, Anti-Fall mod, Enemy Gun Equipped, and a few other gems. Read below to see all the various possible modifications...

The Division Multi-Hack

The Division Multi-HackTeleport ~ Credit to l0wb1t, Modified by Slynderdale
The teleport script includes an anti-fall check that prevents you from falling through the floor when teleporting to a location that hasn't loaded yet. It also has support for custom location presets so now you can save your favorite spots and quickly teleport to them. Also included is a vast list of existing presets to crafting resources, safe zones, etc. If you come up with any interesting ones, feel free to share them and I may add them to the next update. To share a preset, right click on the custom preset you made, select copy and then paste it here in a CODE tag.

Anti-Fall Mod ~ Original script
The stand alone version of the anti-fall script thats included in the teleport script. Use either this or the Teleport script, not both. This is for those who don't want the features of the Teleport script but also don't want to chance falling through the ground. Like with the Teleport version, you will need to toggle the anti-fall off if you want to travel underground.

Current Gun Info ~ Credit to Turk, Modified by Slynderdale
Pulls a ton of information regarding your currently equipped weapon. Information includes recoil, sway, RPM, etc. Once the information is pulled, you can manually set the values or click on "Perfect Weapon Stats" to have perfect aim and instant reload.

Enemy Health ESP
Any event that displays the enemy health bar will always keep it shown with this enabled. May effect other parts of the GUI so be warned when using it.

Large Loot Icons ~ Credit to Turk
Increases the size of the loot icons from loot drops and also enables you the ability to loot items through walls and other objects using the "Alt" key, mouse cursor trick. Included is an unreleased patch by Pox that fixes some bugginess with the cheat.

Big Head Mode ~ Credit to Turk
Increases the size of the heads for everything with a head bone. This also increases the area in which you can score head shots. Very useful for easy head shots. The size of the head can be configured once activated.

Head Hit-Box Stretcher ~ Credit to Turk
Lets you stretch the head hit box and move it by modifying the variables once activated. You can increase the Z value say by 0.75 to raise the head a couple meters above the body to always be able to score head shots even if the enemy is behind cover.

The Division Multi-Hack

Disable Pre-Load Wait
Disable the pre-load/loading time wait when fast traveling or loading a new area. Be warn that if you travel to an area that hasn't been loaded yet, you may fall through the ground. I suggest using the anti-fall cheat when using this.

Integrity Check Bypasser ~ Credit to hoontalees
Manually activate the integrity check bypasser that happens when the table connects to the game.


The Division Multi-Hack Download

NON-VIP Members Download (survey)| Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Members Download (password - See below)

Special Instructions: Make sure, when asked, you enable and run LUA when the table loads. The table will automatically attach itself to the game and also patch it with the integrity bypass. There's no need to manually run an external bypass, now.

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credit for the release and compilation of all these The Division Multi-Hacks goes to Slynderdale

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  1. Peter Serrano says:

    Its this is true cheating?
    I dont like Fake cheating. Also i dont like wasting my money for this cheats..

  2. Nutria192 says:

    i have question..

    This Division hacker is verison 1.9?
    I just want to know it…

    No update for Ammo and Weapons?

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