The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone

These The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone should help to instruct you on some basics of survival into the Dark Zone. It's not a catch all group of tips, but is intended to help those who are not yet familiar with this game, and to teach them some of the basics and how to set off pyrotechnics to cause the most damage possible.

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 The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone

  • Play through the story missions and side missions to earn supplies for the three wings in your base of operations. This allows you to improve each wing and earn new skills, talents, perks and mods for your troubles.
  • Always enter the Dark Zone with a full party of four players. You’ll survive much longer if you have other people to cover your back.
  • While in a party, make sure you have all of the important roles filled. At least one member should have the ability to heal the party, with another using Security wing skills to help protect the party. It also helps to have one or two party members with advanced skills in the Tech wing to inflict as much damage as possible to hostiles.

  • Create a defensive perimeter when you’re ready to extract items from the Dark Zone. Nearby parties will be notified as soon as you call for an extraction, so be ready to defend your position until the helicopter arrives.
  • Always pay attention to the mini-map so you know where restock and loot crates are located. While not all of them will show up on your map, most will.
  • If you run out of ammunition in your primary and secondary gun, you can tap Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS4) twice to switch to your handgun. This weapon has an infinite supply of ammo when you're in a pinch.
  • Shoot red gas canisters in the environment to cause an explosion that can damage nearby enemies. You can also shoot the fuel cans on the back of enemies with flamethrowers to make them explode.
  • If you're fighting near a restock crate, continually go back to refill your ammo after each wave of enemies.

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