Tera Online: Stuck Character on creation and Basic Movement

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If you are going to be one of the hundred or so thousand people trying out Tera Online, then you’re going to be in for a surprise when the game is opened for everyone. In Tera Online, they have one of my favorite things in PvP (though this works in PvE as well), you can’t stack because 2 characters can’t occupy the same space as each other. Basically this means that when you first make your hot little Elin character and log into the game you might not be able to move from your spot, because someone will be blocking your movement.

To get out of this jam as soon as possible, just hit numberlock, and as soon as can move, you will. Then mouse to direct character and an w, a, s, d to move the character.

Moving around in Tera isn’t like most other games. It’s more akin to Elder Scrolls or even Darkfall. So there will be a slight learning curve for new players expecting movement like WoW, Rift, or SWTOR.

To interact with an NPC, highlight them with the center of your screen (using the mouse to look around), then you will use F to interact with NPCs. You can also use F to interact with things, like a ladder. Which then allows you to climb up or down.

Remember that the left/right mouse buttons to use a quick ability (space for jump)

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