Multi Person Vehicle Exploit

Some days ago a friend of mine and I found a great little exploit.

What you need:
-a chopper (every other vehicle with more than one seat will probably work)

What you do:
Basically, you just jump on the vehicle

So, here is the interesting part:
You can jump on the vehicle WHENEVER you want.

Some examples:

  • -being stunned
  • -being incapacitated (especially sapped)
  • -being behind a wall (every direction)
  • -even while being in combat!

Only condition: The vehicledriver has to be out of combat for it to work.

This exploit is particularly helpfull in arenas:
-Stop burst on stunned targets

-Prevent good opener of your opponents due to sap

-Get to the upper area of Dalaran Arena

-Be creative! I'm sure there are a lot of further applications for this.

Click on the link Below to watch the video:

Multi Person Vehicle Exploit

Have fun !

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