AoC: Gold Making Exploit

When someone does a search for an item on the trader, it will give a page of results. For example, do a search for Beguiler Blood and it will show various amounts from different sellers.

If you don't like the competition and want to own the market on Beguiler Blood, break up all your stacks and sell them individually 1 at a time. This way when someone does a search, only yours will show up (assuming you have that many to sell).  The benefit to this, is that you can now list your prices higher then the competition, and the competition won't be competition any more.  People can still use the advance search feature to find other sellers, but you would be surprised how many people won't to do this.

It's also handy if you have an alt with a bank guild just to use as extra storage if you plan to flood the market with something.  This way, you can save up on a certain item, to where you will be able to flood the market.

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