DDO: Killer Auction House tips

We have all heard the "trick" of buying low and selling high.  With this little bug, you will be easier able to find cheaper auctions to buy, in order to sell for more, or even to better equip your characters at a low price.

The Auction House has a bug in the way it displays auctions.

When an auction is listed you can choose 8 hours up to 72 hours for a duration. When there are several pages of items, auctions are supposed to be listed with ones ending soonest on the earliest pages.
The problem is, the game uses the amount of time the auction has been on, so short auctions (like 8 hours) never appear on the front page.
Certain items like clothing, armor, and jewelry always have multiple pages.
Since the shorter auctions never come to the front page, most people don't see them unless they fish through a number of (slow loading) pages to look for them.
Several pages back, you can find extra groups of auctions ending for each duration (8, 24, and 48 hour). Since not very many people see these auctions, you can get some incredible deals by just bidding the minimum.

Also keep in mind that if you are online at odd hours, even fewer people will be around to compete for the items that are ending. And when posting items, remember that they will only get to the first page if you use 72 hour listings. Also try to start your auctions at a time of day when the most people will see them and be on to compete when they are up to the first page.

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