DDO: White Ice Games Coins exploit

This is a Dungeons & Dragons Online exploit, which will allow you to farm White Ice Game coins, without skates, quickly and easily.

In the harbor, the stairway above Berne Jorne, the questgiver for the quest "Arachniphobia", has a small ledge near the top of the second set of steps. Follow this ledge south, making sure you hug the wall.

You will notice one White Ice Game Coin floating in the air a little out from the ledge. The ledge you are standing on is under the Winter Ice Games Ski Jump. If you jump off the edge of the ledge, you will have an effect similiar to feather fall called "Light Gravity". So, jump off the ledge, grab the coin, and safely float back to the ledge. Now you can change the marketplace instance you're in, to another using the menu above your map. Rinse/Repeat.

This trick works best if there are 5 or more instances at the same time. Less than that and you will end up having to wait for coins to spawn.

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