LOTRO: Enedwaith POI’s, Exploration Deeds

This is my work*, from no where else, but unlike some of the postings about Moria, or Mirkwood at the main forums, I had no helpers, but hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

This is posted and created by TomRiddle, for mmoexploiters.  You do not have permission to copy this work, in part nor in whole.  If you would like permission, use the contact form prior to reposting it anywhere. We will take measures to ensure this information is not reposted without our express permission.

As always, this being BETA info there might be changes before this goes live!

*two items (marked) were copied from beta posts, some info I corroborated with forum posts……

Enedwaith Poi’s

Enedwaith fast facts:
Zone: Enedwaith. Areas inside zone: Fordirith, Windfells, Gloomglens, Mournshaws, Nan Laeglin, Thror’s Coomb, and Lich Bluffs. Factions: Grey Company, and Algraig.
Epic Quest Volume 3, Book 2 starts at: Elrond in Rivendell (must have completed Vol. 3 Bk 1 to acquire)
Tip: in Beta, you could not activate the dwarf-marker in Thorin’s Hall before discovering Enedwaith, but you could activate the Hobbits Lamp at The Bullroarer’s Statue in Greenfields, Brockenboring, The Shire.
Getting to Enedwaith: From Echad Mirobel, Eregion travel south-east following the river on the Tham Mirdain (the Library) side of the river.

Enedwaith Poi’s (Flagged)

1) Maur Tulhan 62.5S 23.2W
2) The King’s Way Gate 61.2S 19.3W
3) Lhe Lhechu 59.2S 16.0W
4) Echad Dagoras 58.4S 14.6W
5) Min Haerchen 58.4S 11.2W
6) Cartrev Duved 59.0S 12.3W
7) The Dusken Den 60.7S 13.3W
8] Echad Idhrenfair 63.5S21.5W
9) Amon Min 63.1S 18.0W
10) Gavar Cadlus 61.8S 14.1W
11) Khoblun Utot 64.9S 22.8W
12) Echad Saeradan 63.8S 17.5W
13) Gyllion’s Gate 62.9S 14.2W
14) Echad Daervunn 66.6S 21.5W
15) Pool of the King 65.7S 18.3W
16) Araniant 65.6S 16.8W
17) Nar’s Peak 65.6S 8.5W
18) Zudrugund (Large Library)
19) Galar Culch 67.6S 21.9W
20) Lhanuch 66.9S 17.1W
21) Colven-unus 66.6S 15.9W
22) Gwal Draig 66.5S 12.0W
23) Gwaed Brun 69.1S 22.4W
24) Cartrev Hamon 68.0S 18.0W
25) Cartrev Emlun 57.9S 14.6W
26) Sarf Cadius 68.3S 12.2W
27) The Serpent-halls 67.6S 9.2W
28) Cartrev Rurith 69.4S 17.9W
29) Cartrev Matho 69.7S 15.3W
30) Skirmish Camp 69.6S 13.8W
31) Harndirion 69.7S 13.7W
32) Pruv Cadlus 69.3S 12.0W
33) Mafan-mudun 69.4S 9.6W
34) Unig-pulh 71.0S 19.7W
35) Cartrev Maru 71.5S 16.9W
36) Ford Maru 71.9S 15.5W
37) Duv Corvan 71.6S 13.5W
38) Munudh Duv 71.2S 12.9W
39) Oirnad Culch 72.5S 22.2W
40) Duvispont 73.5S 22.2W
41) Trac-plas 73.5S 16.6W
42) The Old Way 74.5S 15.8W
43) Drug-haniad 74.4S 15.3W

Skud Carchar 66.2S 10.8W (River north of Gwal Draig, go east a bit, there are two waterfalls, go to one on right)
Black Dens inside The Dusken Den

Exploration Deeds


Path of the Grey Company



Echad Saeradan 63.8S 17.5W

Echad Idhrenfair 63.5S21.5W

Echad Daervunn 66.6S 21.5W

Harndirion 69.7S 13.7W




The Cartrevs of Enedwaith


Cartrev Duved 59.0S 12.3W

Cartrev Emlun 57.9S 14.6W

Cartrev Rurith 69.4S 17.9W

Cartrev Matho 69.7S 15.3W

Cartrev Hamon 68.0S 18.0W




Exiles From the Lonely Mountain (Dwarf Markers)


Fordh Maru’s Dwarf-Marker is: at 71.8S, 15.6W in Lich Bluffs
Fordirith’s Dwarf-M arker is at: 57.4S, 14.4W
(Very close to Echad Dagoras)
Nar’s Peak* Dwarf-Marker is at: 65.7S 8.5W  
Araniant’s Dwarf-Marker is at: 65.1S 16.7W
Pool of Kings Dwarf-Marker is at: 65.6S 18.2W
Thorin’s Hall Dwarf-Marker is at: (by the bowyer’s)

*Hidden exploration deed available there.





Little Wonders



Small Boots: 61.3S 19.2W (The King’s Way Gate)

Small Skeleton: Gloomglens 63.3S 22.6W

Small Bow 63.7S 23.0W

Small Tool (Pick) 64.6S 20.4W

Hobbit Arrow* 64.0 22.5 (by tree past white stag corpse)

Small Bucket 63.3S 22.2W follow a white path to top of hill

*Hobbit Arrow is not the Small Arrow also in area, that starts quest




The Long Road of the Hobbits

(Hobbit Lamp Post’s)


Maur Tulhau (Gloomglens): 63.2S 22.9W

Echad Daervunn: 66.5S 21.2W

Unig-puhl 70.9S 19.4W

The Statue of the Bullroarer

Greenfields, Brockenborings, The Shire 27.2s 67.6W




“Hidden” Deeds

The Fisher-King/Queen

(c&p from beta forum)

“The Fishing Hole” is in the Gloomglens and not far south of Maur Talhau. Start at Rhus Cornchuthur (who sits just outside Maur Talhau 63.1S 23.0W ) and face west. Stand directly on top of Rhus and move west till you encounter a small group of rocks at the base of a steep slope / cliff. Go around these rocks to the left and attempt to walk up the steep hill…just to the left of that group of rocks…maybe a bit more left…there you go, right there.

There’s actually a fairly wide zone where you can walk up the slope. Once you’re up there you’re pretty well boxed in by cliffs, trees and an invisible wall. There really is only one place to go from here…left.

Follow the slope / cliff around to the left, you should see “The Fishing Hole” come into view, over the rise, to your right. All I had to do was get near the fishing hole and I got the deed…I didn’t even get my feet wet or have a fishing pole in my possession.

I found the path which is a white trail on the ground doing the “collect the poo quest”

Nar’s Peak hidden deed

(c&p from beta forum)

1. The deed completion gong does indeed sound when you “finish” (start and finish all at once) the Fisher King deed at the fishing hole.

2. The Nar’s Peak deed that many of you mentioned is named Master of Stairs. It has two elements: Ascend the stair to Nar’s Peak (that’s the one where you first hear a gong on the log bridge), and Reach the top of the stairs to Nar’s Peak. The title is Mistress of Stairs (or Master, for boys, I’m sure).

The curious thing about the Master of Stairs deed is that, on the left side of the deed log, it is countered: (20 of 20). So, though that is not explained anywhere, I suspect that you have to climb up and down that path 20 times to complete the deed. It definitely did not complete for me until I’d been up and down a lot of times (I wasn’t counting, so I’m not sure if it was exactly 20). I have no idea if it’s counting 20 times across the bridge, 20 times near the door leading into the little dorf hold, or 20 of each. When the deed finally completed for me, I was up top, just outside the door to the keep (between the campsite and the door, to be precise).
(c&p from beta forum)

Taking the idea from how I completed “Master of Stairs” the first time, I tried running my hunter up and down Nar’s Peak. It didn’t trigger on the first ascent, so I figured I’d try running up and down 20 times. After all… Master of Stairs. Stairmaster. So this is probably about exercise.

The good news is… it doesn’t seem to take 20 times. On the conclusion of the fifth repetition, the deed completed at the bottom. Which is rather interesting, as I completed it originally at the top. I took my mini over and did the same process, and it again completed when I reached the bottom the fifth time.

My route was to start across the fallen tree from the peak, ride all the way up following the grassy green path, all the way into the camp at the top and almost to the door. I should also note that when Jadzi completed it at the top, she did so just -before- she reached the upper landing, while Kate and Das both finished it just as they arrived at the edge of the lower landing (the flat area just before the fallen tree bridge).

Five round trips, that means I traveled the slope ten times. And if (and that’s a big if) each time had a start and a finish checkpoint, presuming that I went past the finish checkpoint for each run only to turn around and run over it again as the start for the next… that could explain the “20 of 20” (10 runs with a start and finish).


Other Deeds

Slayer Deeds:

Cuthraul and Elhudan-Slayer

Half-orc Slayer

Wolf and Shadow-wolf slayer

Wood-troll Slayer



Four tiers of Enedwaith quest deeds (initial, Intermediate, Advanced, and Final)

Completion deed:

Deed: Protector of Enedwaith (11 of 11)
– Objective: Protect the land of Enedwaith
– Reward: Title “Protector of Enedwaith”, Gold Token of the Wilds, 10 Turbine Points

Exploration deed for Minas Elendur “The Maze” (will have its own post)

Rez Circles

Fordirith: 59.5S 12.8W

Windfells: 62.1S 16.7W

Gloomglens: 64.0S 21.5w

Mournshaws: 68.1S 20.1W

Thror’s Coomb: 68.9s 12.5W

Mustering Horns

Echad Idhrenfair, Gloomglens 63.5S 21.5W

Echad Daervunn, Mournshaws 66.6S 21.5W

Harndirion, Nan Laeglin 69.4S 13.8W

Unamed Camp Lich Bluffs 72.8S 14.8W

Nar’s Peak, Thror’s Coomb 65.7 8.6W

Camp Site Fires

Echad Idhrenfair, Gloomglens 63.5S 21.5W

Echad Daervunn, Mournshaws 66.6S 21.5W

Harndirion, Nan Laeglin 69.4S 13.8W

Unamed Camp Lich Bluffs 72.8S 14.8W

Nar’s Peak, Thror’s Coomb 65.7 8.6W

Stable Masters

Echad Dagoras, Fordirith 58.5S 14.5W

Maur Tulhan, Gloomglens 62.9S 23.2W

Echad Daervunn, Mournshaws 66.6S 21.5W

Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 66.9S 16.9W

Harndirion, Nan Laeglin 69.4S 13.7W


Echad Dagoras, Fordirith 58.6 14.6

Maur Tulhan, Gloomglens 62.3S 23.0W

Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 66.5 17.2

Unamed Camp Lich Bluffs 72.8 14.7

*The Skirmish Camp has all the normal vendors found at all skirmish camps

Mail Boxes

Maur Tulhan, Gloomglens 62.3 23.0

Echad Daervunn,Mournshaws 66.6S 21.5W

Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 66.5S 17.2W

Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 66.5S 17.3W

Harndirion, Nan Laeglin 69.4S 13.8W

Relic Master/Forge Master

Echad Dagoras, Fordirith 58.6 14.6

Maur Tulhan, Gloomglens 62.3S 23.0W

Lhanuch, Nan Laeglin 66.5 17.2

Un-flagged Poi’s/Objects

Entrance to Instance: The Grey King 64.2S 23.3W
Small Arrow Gloomglens 64.3S 22.2W not for deed (Starts Quest)
White Stag Corpse: Gloomglens 64.0s 22.6W
Crushed Rock: Gloomglens 63.3S 22.6W (Starts Quest)
Sigil of the Rhi Helvarch Gloomglens 62.4S 21.7W (Starts Quest)
The Crones Ferry 72.3S 22.7W
Mystic Pool 71.2S 21.0W
Mystic Pool 68.8S 20.7W
Eastern Ruins TBD 69.7S 10.9W

Next: Complete Book 2 walkthrough, with rewards

“The Maze” complete walkthrough

The Beasts of Enedwaith


3 Responses to LOTRO: Enedwaith POI’s, Exploration Deeds

  1. Dunbarg says:

    The exact coordinates for the Small arrow of the Little Wonders explorations deed are 64.3s, 22.2w

  2. Sarnwen says:

    I have another location, you do not have on the map. It’s just above the E in Windfells. It’s coords are 61.6s,15.0w. The name of the location says Pluvun Gwern on my game map.

  3. TomRiddle says:

    Well, nice to see somebody had looked at this, it took me two solid weeks of running through a zone even more twisty than Moria (all those dead end “box canyons” to find what I did….and then the week of map making…

    My locs might have been off because of me hobbits ‘uge feets … or actually I tried to use the spot where the “you have found, you have discovered (if there was one) screen flash appeared so sometimes I was not on top of the item in question…OR by the time I ran off the argo and could make either a written note or a copied and pasted loc number then alt tab to the rough draft and back without being killed the loc wasn’t where the flash occurred…

    actually there is only one POI said to be missing, right, so it isn’t “another” :) and it’s hard to say if it was in the beta when I made these pages, I haven’t even been to the zone since it went live… Being the very, very first with something on the entire internet (There was a list, no map, of 20 or so POI’s in the closed beta forums, but I already had more by then) there was nothing to check my discoveries with so sorry if I missed one location….

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