EverQuest 2: Double Experience, all the time trick

Most of you know that powerleveing will yield great results with a mentor that can AOE.

However, even though it seems to be abused quite often, I haven't seen the recruit a friend XP trick posted around. Basically, make an e-mail at yahoo/gmail and go log into your station account at EQ2Players.com.

Next, go to the front page of EQ2Players.com or find the recruit-a-friend section through the Station.com control panel after you log in.

Send your new e-mail account an invitation. Log out of your EQ2Players.com/Station.com account.

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Follow the link inside the invitation e-mail and make sure it takes you to the eq2players.com site with the rewards or referral address after the main url. This will show on the station.com url as well if it doesn't take you directly to station.com when you click the link. Click "create account" and make an account and ensure that while you're on the EQ2Players.com / Station.com web site that you click the "Start EQ2 demo" button (I'm not sure of the exact text). Now, download the station launcher on the 2nd PC (of ir you're 2-boxing or 3-boxing just click it and open it and log in with the new station account you've just created). Ensure that the Everquest II button option says "13 days left" or start the demo by clicking the Everquest II button. Then accept the EULA and log in. Open the instance of your game if you don't already have it open (If you're using a bot make sure you start your main account first and then the bot, and after you've set up your bot go ahead and start the 2nd instance of EQ2).

Go park your main in the area you want to level in or where you'll be / are grouping. Invite the Recruit-A-Friend instance of the game character to your group or have the group leader do so. On the recruit-a-friend instance of the game, right click the name of your main character and then left click "Go To [main character name]. Park the recruit a friend character or run into mobs if you don't want the hassle of having a character for people to see/interact with just sitting there. You'll be getting +200% XP for helping a friend on both accounts. You can do this with 20 invitations I believe, and SOE documentation says that they reset after a while so for all the leveling you want to do you should be good to go. 20 x 2 weeks = 40 weeks love +200% XP. Plus whenever the number of invitations resets to 20.

Something I like to do is powerlevel these characters to 80 and then activate the account, getting me the nifty items on the main account and then I can further level up that character with another invitation from the second account and sell the account, though it only has up to the Ruins of Kunark expansion. Often a level 80 will fetch me $100 at Accounts.net, and if you work at it you can get your mythical within 5 days if you have people to help you with it or 1-90 + enervated epic within 1 week. I've found that a Shadowknight or Warlock are great classes for powerleveling - the shadowknight class being best because of the lifetaps giving survivability, plate armor and nice AOEs for "Rings Of Death" (gathering so many mobs on you that you can no longer see your character and AOE killing them all at once). My troubador has had good luck powerleveling as well but not as great - I can cast while running, whereas a wizard or straight caster couldn't run from mob to mob with the 2nd account on auto-follow while killing mobs. Using a shadowknight you'll want to park your 2nd account, grab as big of a train as you can handle and then start AOEing with your 2nd account character in range to get the XP.

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