Evony: Chat Hack

This isn't really a hack, and it's an old trick. It simply allows you to pretend to be someone else in chat, by exceeding the end of the line in chat, and then writing their name, as though it were the person speaking. I first saw this back in 2001,  in Asheron's Call. It's more of a trick, and there are variations which allow you to be more psychic, which I will explain to members below.

Master Evony

Master Evony, the easy way


The trick to seeing is someone is doing this to you, is to resize the chat box (wider or thinner) when possible. If you can't resize the chat box, then simply try to click on the name that posted it. If you can't click he supposed name, and no menu or options come up, then click the name above the line. Thats the one doing it



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