Evony: Hero Hunting tips, tricks, & exploits

I can only assume you have read my other articles on what to get in a hero's attributes, and what the hero's attributes are for.  As you begin to play more, you will raise your attack skill immensely, and after months of playing it's not unheard of, to have a hero with 270 attack.

The best attack hero you can get, will be a base 70 attack.  This is a low level hero, which at level 1 has level 70.  If the hero is level 8, then the attack would be 78.  You want to snatch these base 70 heroes up, as they are rare and welcome in any attack, especially at higher levels.

There are some tricks however, which will allow you to find more heroes, then what is listed in the inn.  The first trick we are going to talk about will simply allow you to refresh the Inn, without having one of those scrolls to do it for you.  The way that we do this is to empty a city of all the heroes, and to have a Feasting Hall, the same size or greater then the Inn.  What you do is buy all the heroes up, and let them all go.  It will cost you a bit of gold, but that's not a big deal, better gold, then real money or the luck of a spin, right?

The second way to find hero's, is an exploit, and for that reason, it's for members only...

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