Evony Tip: Builders Goal

When you first start out in either Evony or Evony Age 2, the goal that you want to aim for is Archery 9 and Ballista production.


The simple reasoning behind this, is simple. You need to be able to farm nearby npc's, as quickly as possible. Without Archery 9, and Ballistas (plus transports), you will find yourself succumbing to massive losses on a regular schedule. This in turn, means you need to also lift metal casting to 5, and your workshop to 5, your barracks (at least 1 of them) to 9.

This will in turn, allow you to start making the Ballista which you will need to take out NPCs, and begin farming them on a regular schedule. With Archery 9, you maximize the distance your troops can be from the enemy, thus sustaining less losses.

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