Evony: Trick – Get 2x the amount of food per day

Nevermind Facebook gifting for now, this is how to get 2x the amount of food, in every city, on everyday. Even if you are -1million food an hour, you will benefit from this, if you follow this trick. Its actually the most simplest strategies, and for me an obvious one. Instead of farming food or stone, make your cities all sawmills or mines. Mines are usually the better choice, as most servers have iron selling for 2x the price of food.  You should have 1 farm, and 1 quarry in your first city, simply for the bonuses on the beginning quests, but after that you don't need them.  All you need to do is sell your excess iron or wood, and then buy food.  10 million iron = 20 million food.  If you can produce between all your cities 100 million iron a day, then thats 200 million food.

Along this line, that also means, dump those lakes and swamps.  For me, the most coveted are Hills and Forests. Imagine my serendipitous to find all the idiots around me, grabbing all the lakes and swamps around me, and leaving me with a ton of level 9 and 10 hills.  I will gladly take those any day.

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