Fallen Earth: A rediscovery of a game recently released

I decided to review this game again.  I wanted to see what has changed, what's better about it, and get an overall new impression of it.  I have learned a few tricks, which will help with noobs to this game, like myself.

First impressions

First off, you will start in Hoover Dam.  The first thing I realized, is it's just to get you used to the game, give you a feel for it.  I also found my first exploit.  Unfortunately, at the end of Hoover Dam, you will die.  When you rez, you won't be able to take anything with you.

The exploit itself, was to die by the mutant pigs, rez, and then to collect more med packs.  If repeated, you could collect an unusually high amount, which could become valuable... but you can't take them with you.

Overall the beginning part was a bit fun, till I got stuck taking the bomb out.  I barely finished it with getting it out, as I got stuck a couple times by the land geometry.  I can see where some more work is needed here and there.

Windowed mode! There is an option for it, but unless you change the resolution, it leaves you in full screen.  For those of us who run a business or work at their computers at the same time, it's not very handy.

On to my first town, Clinton Farm!

I chose to go with a combo of melee and ranged weapons and so far, am shooting for a medic character.  I like the fact that you can use your AP, to select which type of character you are going to be.  You don't have to choose, before you are in the game.  Placing your learned points, allows you to make your own class.  LAter it will make for some interesting characters.

So far, I have found the most annoying thing to be, to not be able to look at your own character, unless you are in the login screen.  There is a trick to looking at your character however.  You need to gather an object, and use the gathering time to swing the camera around.  You will be able to look at yourself briefly, until you move.  Why does this bother me? When I gather objects or even run/ride one direction, I like to look around on PvP servers, to see who is near me.  This has saved me countless times.

Another annoyance, is that hovering over the minimap, doesn't tell you what type of trainer or vendor is nearby.  It means you have to know your area or visit the area a lot, until you do. Either that, or keep the main map open all the time.

I have been harvesting a mutant chicken.  There are random spawns of mats here, there are also a couple vendors nearby, very handy for getting skills and chips up.  Chips by the way, seem to be the credits or gold of this game.  Too bad they don't follow Las Vegas style chip colors, I would know how many I had instantly 🙂

Doing the beginning quests, helps a LOT.  The rewards aren't always for gear, but can also be modes of transportation, like the old nag (mount), that I received.  It's definitely something the new player will want to put their time into, at least part of the way.


Great games, have great crafting systems.  While FE does have crafting, I wouldn't put it down as great.  Beginning food takes 3 mins to make!  For me, this is way too long.  Additionally, even with the tutorial, it's confusing as all heck.  This needs a lot of work!  One thing that really vexes me, is how long it will take to actually craft in game, and to raise your skills up.  However, what the tutorial and quests will give you, is the ability to make bandages.  So again, this is one of the things you definitely want to follow the quests for, so you don't have to buy the books to learn them.  I made this mistake of wanting something, and not realizing I would it get in a quest.

Action Bar

I finally asked how to increase the size of the action bar.  Since there is no way to do it in the menu.  Turns out you have to drag the bars' edge.  Once I did that I was able to get more then the initial 10 buttons they give you.  I am realizing at this point, you need to read the manual first.  Unfortunately, you can't read the manual,  until you start your trial.


As with most games, the mobs have an attitude towards you.  Red title, means they are going to attack.  White you can't attack, nor will they.  Amber, and they are indifferent, until you attack them.  They move around while fighting, so it's not something you can just stand there with.  You also have to invoke the combat system, by pressing the middle mouse button.  Overall, you need to be within a few feet, unless using a ranged weapon.  As for ranged weapons themselves, I have found that the starter weapons you start with, you need to switch from a ranged to a melee quickly, as in right after the ranged weapon is fired.  Reloading takes some time, and is not usually worth doing, by the time the enemy is in close quarters.  Mobs themselves drop 2x, once when you loot them, and once when you scavenge off them.

Humanoids seem to be the best to fight, as you will receive better weapons or ammo off them, as well as more armor.  The respawn rate of all mobs, are fairly quick, so if you stay in one area, you will repeatedly have fiends to fight off.  This is both good and bad.  Bad, if you need to rest, but good in the constant lure of mobs.  No need to leave the area to find more mobs.


You start out with some basic weapons, and when I say basic, we're talking about sticks and pipes.  To quickly upgrade a hair on your weapons, I advise scavenging near the yellow mobs in the scavenge heaps.  Look for level 5 and better mobs, as the piles of refuse will have higher weapons, thus more DPS.  I am not sure overall, why there are different melee weapons available.  And by this, I mean I can have equipped a crossbow, large 2-h stick, 2 small ranged guns, and 2 1-h weapons, which are simple ctrl 1-6 clicks away.  I did have problems using my 2-h stick, and switched to a 1-h corkscrew, which did almost the same amount of damage, just more quickly.  However I still prefer the big stick.

Skills and Stats

I touched briefly on this before, and I want to hit on it again.  I hear people saying in the global help channel that it's better to increase skills then stats.  While I would agree that skills are better to raise early on, stats are going to be the things which keep you alive later on.  For example, while my armor skill may get better, not having enough stamina is going to get me killed easier later on.  It's for this reason, you need to keep the advice they give you in one hand, and weigh the value in the other hand, for the long term.


Trial users CAN talk in world chat. Chat is strictly moderated.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It's almost as if you are stuck on a moderated role-playing server, because you can only chat about games.  No Chuck Norris comments, no talk of other games, no chatting about a recent bombing or earthquake, no gold site advertisements even.  On the plus side, the GMs are actually helpful and will help you out in understanding the game itself.


There is questing in game.  There are beginner quests which are essential for both the noobs and the veterans.  Most quests are centrally located, but the world is huge and while your horse might travel at 25 units per hour, the actual quest location has 1 quest do able, and it 5-10 units away.  Whats a unit? A unit is either kilometers or miles, depending on where you are from, and makes it easier to understand.  Running back and forth between the quest spots, can take longer then simply sitting in one spot and killing mobs.

It's a grind game.  It's faster to level up, simply staying in a few spots and grinding your way up by killing mobs, then it is to quest.  Quest leveling is much longer, because you have to go long ways to get where you are going to both gets and turn in quests.


I like the non-alien infested zombie like humanoids. I like the fact that this could be an alternate Earth.  It's well thought out.  Since I only played the trial, I didn't get to see what happens beyond the first 10 levels or so.  But I did get to see enough to understand the basic premise of the game.  The GM moderation of chat, was actually good imo.  Crafting needs work.

Will I play it again? Not likely.  I look for crafting in games. I also like to explore. I don't like grind games myself, so I don't plan to play beyond the trial.

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