League of Legends: How to change camera distance, angle, and FOW brightness

This guide will show you how to change your camera distance, angle and Fow brightness step by step for the online strategy game, League of Legends.

The first and most important step, is to first make a backup, of all the files we will change. This ensures that if you screw something up, you don't need to come back and reinstall League of Legends.

Find your C:Riot GamesLeague of Legendsgame folder and Map1.zip file and make a backup of it.

Unzip your Map1.zip file using 7zip, winzip, or winrar.

  1. In the unzipped folder open Constants.var in any type text editor and edit these values to whatever you choose.
  2. Save the file, open the Map1.zip and d & d (drag and drop) the edited Constants.var in its place to over write the original with your own settings.
  3. cam_GameFOV default is 53,  the higher the angle the more you see on the battlefield, my recommended values are from 53-74.
  4. cam_BillAngle default is 56, the angle at which the camera looks at the ground, the higher the # the steeper the angle, my recommended values are from 50-63.
  5. ai_FOWBrightness default is 0,400  this is the brightness of the Fog of War, the lower the number the darker it becomes, my recommended values are between 0,200-0,475.

If you are not pleased with your changes you can always change the setting back or you can just rewrite the entire file with your back up.


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  1. Croustillant says:

    I can’t find anything called cam_GameFOV in the file. Since it must have been modified, what is the new way to do it ?


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