League of Legends: How to Queue Dodge without Penalty

discovered by m0rbidang3l

Assuming you know what Queue Dodging is, and the penalty associated with it, this will allow you to dodge the queue, without suffering from a penalty. It's been extensively tested and verified to work everytime. If you feel like you want a new team, but don't want to wait 5 minutes, do this trick.

  1. Instead of just closing your LoL client, bring up your Task Manager (or Process Explorer).
  2. Now find a process named "lol.launcher.exe".
  3. Right-click on it, and choose "end process tree"
  4. Log back in, and enjoy your penalty-free queue dodge.

2 Responses to League of Legends: How to Queue Dodge without Penalty

  1. League Legends says:

    does not work -_-

  2. Alkaizen says:

    There is a way better than this, but i dont know how..
    I saw many times “SummonerDerp has left champion select screen”, then i back to queue, then the same SummonerDerp is AGAIN in my team, in less than 30 seconds…

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