Lotro: Trick for Wisdom in Annuminas

The main reason for using the trick originally was simply to get exp and loot, and thats nerfed now. Few bother with this any more. BUT, although you can no longer farm loot, coin, and reputation items with this, you CAN while in Tinnudir kill Annuminas Angmarims without going TO Annuminas for earning Wisdom Deed : Invaders From Angmar (120 title/240 virtue).


Completion of Volume 1, Book 9, Chapter 8 Amarthiel's Hope


From the Tinnudir Reflecting Pool (12.0S, 68.1W), choose Amarthiel's Hope and enter the instance

  • In this instance you have a healer (protecter), Two archers, and two fighters to assist you.
  • If you do ONE point of damage on a mob, you get exp, and a kill credit for the virtue.
  • There are 20 mobs plus one boss who counts for exp but not the virtue.
  • The archer mobs in this instance also count for kills needed in: Vol. I, Book 10: The City of the Kings, Chapter 3
    • http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Quest:Vol._I%2C_Book_10%2C_Chapter_3%3A_The_Battle_for_Ann%C3%BAminas

The hard part is getting one spell, smack, kick WHATEVER you need to do to put one point of damage on each mob before the posse of 5 kill them.

They have 5 helpers. NEVER argo the leftmost mobs, you will have to pull them seperately after boss fight.


  1. Enter instance, Click Protector to start
  2. Pull mo0bs on right, bring to the other three mobs labeled 1
  3. Pull the 2 marked 2
  4. Pull the 2 marked 3
  5. Pull the left mob by bush (not under the awning) to the other mobs by stair for 4
  6. Kill boss mob (5) which 50% of time will have enough silver to cover your repairs, and actually earn a teeny profit).
  7. Pull two mobs under awning for 6
  8. Pull three by tent (on diagram as campfire) one mob is a healer/summoner, for 7
  9. Pull three mobs by campfire for last pull, there is a time limit so you have to pull quickly!
  • On the raised area that the 5 allies are waiting for you (they will not follow you) There is a large chunk of ruin, and ahead a tree, use these to duck behind so the archer mobs will come closer and argo the faithful five....
  • Use your next target to quickly select, damage, and move to next mob to make sure you get a kill credit, and experience if you are of level.
  • If you do it perfect you need 18 sessions to get your 360 total kills needed for the virtue. BUT Turbine recently added a 5 instance per hour limit so this isn't as fast as it used to be...

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