Rift: 2 Most Requested Classes

Like most games, the fun and easy to level characters are some sort of DPS, but when it comes down to actually doing Raids and taking on Rifts, the most requested class, is still the Tank, and Healer. Since it's so easy to have multiple spec's, we highly recommend purchasing a second talent spec (or third), and having a Healing or Tanking spec, for when you aren't DPSing to level.

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Unfortunately, we can't stay healer or Tank to level up. The Tank is great for taking damage, but not giving it, making it a slow leveler. The Healer is better at healing, and again causes not to be able to damage as well. This is why we need an off-spec.

As a noob to Rift, you won't need to know all the fights (yet), but a basic understanding of the Tank or Healer spec is important. If you are a Tank, understand it's your job to aggro, and it's very important to keep the mobs off the healers, as the healer is your lifeline. As a healer keep in mind that it's most important to heal the tank, and secondary comes the DPS. If a DPS repeatedly aggro's the boss mobs, then it's a good idea to let them take some hits, to understand that your primary job is to heal the Tank, and secondary the DPS. Any DPS who chooses to aggro, should be ready to accept the consequences. The only exception to them accepting the consequences, should be the DPS, who pulls Mobs off the healer. As this means a Tank isn't doing their job correctly.

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