Rift: Death Tricks

This is a simple trick which will allow you to scout your enemies, be they mobs or PvP persons. The first requirement... death. Once you are dead, the world becomes gray and you can see all the mobs, not just those around your corpse, but everywhere. This is a great way to explore the world without worrying about dying again. And since you can just port back to the graveyard, this means you don't need to worry about not finding your corpse. Also a great way to explore dungeons to find the fastest way to a particular mob. Note: When you rezz in a PvP situation, it's best to find a spot your enemy(s) can't see you from, such as behind some rocks, where you can rest to gain your health back and cast your spells.

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Another trick, which has been used in many games, is to work your way towards a destination, through death steps. The way we do this is to run towards a target... and if overwhelmed die. We don't stop to heal, cast shields nor anything else which might cause us to have to stop. Simply keep running in the direction you need to go. If on the other hand you can cast something like HoTs or instant spells, then you can do these. The object is to get as close to the destination as possible before dying. When you do die, you rez, coming back to the spot where you can accept a rez... but we look around first. If you can find a spot where mobs wont get to you, then you go there and heal up, before continuing to your destination. Otherwise we get to the edge of where we can accept the rez, closest to our destination. Rinse/Repeat till you get to your destination.

If you have anything else you want to add, just do it in the comments.

EDIT: First one was nerfed in a mini patch since yesterday

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