Rift: Possible PvP hiding spot, in enemy towns

I am not really sure if this would work well or not, but it's a little hiding spot I found, which can be used to hide or even go afk, from the enemy on PvP Servers.

Fast & Safe Game Keys sent to your email This spot, is within the Wardstones. You know, those red or blue crystals inside almost every town? If your stature is small enough, you can enter one, and not be seen at all by the enemy. Might be possible to use this spot in Raids, if you have an AoE type attack, which doesn't appear to come from anywhere. Might also be good for an Assassination Spec Rogue, with perma stealth.

Here's a pic of my rogue, standing in the stone. There is no angle which can be used to see any part of my character.

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