Rift: Rare Item Vendor

In the Ardent Glade, there is a vendor who sells 12 and 14 slot bags. What makes this a great find? When the game is first released, bags of this type will be selling for more money then some people have. This will become a huge money maker, and all you need to do is run to and from the vendor to the Auction House.

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The specific area to go to is "The Blunted Quill", a tavern in the town. Then Speak with the Rare Goods vendor, Landrel Nimur.  The bags he sells are BOE. He also sells a 2-h 8.1dps sword and a 8.1dps gun. However I do not expect either of these to go for much, during launch.

Does anyone know of an equivalent vendor, for Defiants?

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