Rift: Runic Decent – Rictus Trick

This is a trick which will help you to win the battle against Rictus, easier. As you may already know, the mob boss, will pull you in, and then you'll need to run like heck, to get out of range of his attack. This trick will bypass this portion of the fight.

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In Runic Decent, right before you get to Rictus, there is a low wall. Have everyone, except for the Tank get behind this wall. Then have the tank pull Rictus, within range of the ranged DPS, who will stand behind the wall. Let the tank do their thing, and the DPS won't get pulled in.  If positioned well, the healer can also heal the tank, from behind the wall as well.

See screenshot, for further details;

Runic Decent - Rictus Trick

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