RMT trader scam

RMT = Real Money Transaction

There is a recent scam going around that is making sites that don't trade the gold themselves, more vulnerable to scammers.  On a wholesale side of things, most gold (RMT) sites, will place a order for gold, a person will then offer to fulfill the order for whatever the rate the gold company sets and to take a screenshot to prove the gold was traded.

Now the scam is simple, when they trade you the gold, they already took a screenshot.  What the scammers will do is tell you they made a mistake, and need the gold back, so they can take a screenshot.  The scam is simply to get the gold back, then logout.  They have proof they delivered it, and as a bonus, they also have the gold.

How do you protect yourself from this?

  1. Don't trade the gold back.
  2. Take your own screenshots - especially of chat logs.
  3. Order gold from companies who use proxy accounts, to make sure your gold and trading experience are safe.

While I would like to claim that Ubergold.com is the only company who does this, I can't say that honestly.  I know of at least 3 other sites that also do this, and it costs us all more to do it, thus the higher rates of gold.

2 Responses to RMT trader scam

  1. Spitt says:

    I wasn’t going to allow this comment, up until I went to Game Seller Pros’ website, and the site attempted to download a trojan, repeatedly to my computer. It seems that not only is the site a scam, but they attempt to steal your account information as well. Take everyones’ advice, steer clear of Game Seller Pro.

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