StarTrek Online: Before playing, follow this tip…

I know this sounds stupid to most people, but it's something I have learned over playing many many games... read the manual first.  The manual will give you a quick overview, and you won't waste time in game, asking people how to do this or that. I recently tried out a 10 day trial of Fallen Earth, and having read the manual, I didn't waste the average of 3 days most people lose in the beginning of play, to keep asking the same stupid question, like "how do I open my pack" or "how do I reload my weapon". Not only will you save the time, not asking stupid questions, but normally, you also speed by other levelers because you know the basic information that they couldn't be bothered with, because they wanted to jump right in.

The StarTrek Online Manual, is worth a read, even though the information is available online - I prefer hard copies, but thats just me.




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