StarWars Galaxy: Useful tip for having a Smuggler Ally

A smuggler with the ability to cloak ally - they must be in your group

Recieve a cloak for about 20-25 seconds while running, driving, etc

We've all been hit by the smuggler's ability to cloak an ally, which stealths you for about 20-25 seconds, which also works on any profession. However, if you try to move with it on you get the message "Moving around too much has revealed you!"

Here's the fun part:
If the smuggler cloaks you "while" your running, driving, etc, you'll be cloaked (unless you stop and try to move again). This works with vehicles as well- either the driver or passenger(s) can be cloaked while driving to remain under stealth. This is especially great since if you're running with powersprint/force run, you'll continue at that speed cloaked.

My favorite use:
When that pesky bounty hunter is camping the front door of your house, call you smuggler inside to get a cloak ally right as you run out the door! This is pretty useful since you get about 20 seconds head start, and if you can get behind a building when you uncloak you can pull out a speeder.

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