World of Tanks: How to play Artillery, in a city

I really hate playing my Artillery in Himmelsdorf and Minsk. I am lucky to be able to even hit a tank in one of these locations, and if I don’t hit them within 5 minutes, I die (tank rush). But I have found a trick, which actually works pretty well – as long as you have a group of tanks for support.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

In Himmelsdorf, we have a great hill. If our tanks can take it, then we can get a really good position. The position allows us to rain hell on the enemy. On the south side, there is even a little switch back, which is a great place for Arty to rain down on the enemy.

In Minsk, the best places to play artillery, is out in the open, on one end of the rail road tracks, to the East. But again, a tank rush will pretty much decimate your tank, within a few minutes.

This is where the little trick comes in. Instead of trying to find a hidden spot, and praying that no one finds you… you instead play like a tank destroyer. Sure, you can’t zoom in really well, but your accuracy is amazing and the damage is equal to a heavy tank. We need to stay with a group of tanks, preferably 4-5 heavy tanks, but this method, works superb. If you have an enemy you can get normal sites on (not overhead), you can right click on them, to lock their target. Then it’s simply a matter of moving forward, getting in the shot, and then backing up, till we are able to reload.


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