World of Tanks: Overview, Tips, & Strategies

I got into this game, because one of the companies, we powerlevel for, asked if we could learn it, and allow them to offer it.  I'm Hooked! At first, I didn't understand it, as is normal with most games. Once I learned my tanks rolls, I started to do better. I have only been playing this for about 3 days, but I am sure I have logged at least 20 hours now. I have 3 tanks I am using, so I can learn each roll.Right now, I have a Tank Destroyer, SPG, and a Light Tank. To get the Heavy Tank Class, I need to work my way up, from Light Tanks, mastering Technology Trees.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

As in most games, there are a few roles available in a team battle. But unlike most rpg's, there is no healer class. You can't heal nor rez a team member. You can get repair kits, which help you get up and going however.

First the Tank Role. This, is the Heavy Tank in World of Tanks. This is the big armor guy, who goes out and decimates the Light tanks and Medium Tanks. At higher tiers, they roll into an enemy base, and take out 2-4 tanks.

The DPS tank, would be the medium tanks. These will tank a little damage, but can do quite a bit of damage, over time - though there are no DOT type weapons I have come across yet.

The Light tank, is kind of like a scout. They can move fast, but can't take much damage, nor for that matter, do they do a lot of damage.

The Long Range tanks, SPG's, are like a ranged DPS. If they hide somewhere good, that no one can see, they can decimate the battlefield. Their long range guns, work with an aerial view. For them, the most important factor (besides the gun/ammo), is their radio. With a good radio, they can get transmissions, and know where the enemy is, and then blast them from the battlefield.

The Tank Destroyer, is a long range as well, but it uses the line of sight to find it's marks. It can see across a battlefield, and do some damage to tanks, but it's usually light damage. It takes a few hist to kill a tank with one of these.


In World of Tanks, its nearly pure PvP. It 15v15, with Capture the Flag mixed in for a way to speed up a game, if the enemy is no where to be found.

Only premium accounts, can recruit into a "platoon". This is another word for a guild, clan, or alliance. But a good platoon who works as a team should, and has voice chat, will decimate the enemy (See Raidcall or Mumble for voice chat software).

As you "find" tanks, damage them, and destroy them, you will gain experience. This will be used to upgrade the tech tree.


While I haven't played all the different tank types, I have found a some strategies, which are very important. The first important strat, is to stay moving. The only exceptions to this, are the long ranged tanks, like the SPG or Tank Destroyer. If you stay in one spot, you are much more likely to be taken out by an enemy SPG.

If you are using a fast tank, try to get to the enemy's base. Often, the only thing protecting them are SPGs. If you figure this, you can almost guarantee a victory, simply by taking these units out. They are slow to maneuver, but if the SPG pilot is aware, they can aim directly at you, and tank you out. So it's important to weave a bit, or stop at irregular times.

The next important strat, is to be next to tall buildings or cliffs, whenever possible. This will help to keep the enemy's long range from being able to target you. Well, thats not true, they will see and target you, but there will be something in the way.

Hide! I know this is obvious, but when you aren't a heavy tank, you want to try to hide when possible, use trees, bushes, etc. to hide from the enemy. If they can't see you, then you can't be targeted by SPGs. You might be able to be seen by Tank Killers, but unless they hit you, the SPGs might not see you.

Upgrade your tank, in all ways possible.  Once you have upgraded it all the way, you can use the experience you gain, to be used for all your tanks to be upgraded. This is an easy way to upgrade the next crappy tank you purchase - of course it's only crappy till you upgrade it as well.

Winning, gets you more experience, then losing. So if that means, you don't get to wipe out the enemy's last tanks, but you capture their flag, then by all means go for it. More exp, means means quicker upgrades.

So far, the only thing I don't like, is not having a dedicated voice channel for conversations. We have radios, and can see the enemy tanks, but the 30 seconds before the battle, would be a great time to make a quick stratagem. Typing just doesn't do it for me, not when my hands are on the controls.

When you master a tank and want to upgrade, sell it. But before you do that, make sure you convert the experience to gold. Lost experience, seems to be lost. You don't get it, and it doesn't auto convert.

When you first start out, make sure to try each tank type, see which you prefer, it might surprise you to find you like a role, you are not used to playing.


I figured out a platoon strategy. It goes a bit beyond using voice chat, but will most likely be nerfed, and for that reason, this is only for our VIP members.

Another thing to try to remember, is to always leave at least one Tank Destroyer and one Heavy Tank back, to guard your own SPGs. The Tank Destroyer will have lang range, and be able to spot enemies. The Heavy Tank, can then destroy them in a couple punches.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

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