WoW: Gold Making Tip – Herbalism

Right now, on most servers, people have mining for gold farming, they might even have herbalism... but the thing is, right now, those lower level herbs, are going for a lot.  If you have a stash of herbs, go ahead and start getting rid of them.  Once Cataclysm is released, and flying is allowed in Old Azeroth, then those same low level herbs will be farmed more extensively.  For now however, those herbs are making bank for people.  So sell your low level stashed herbs, and make money too.

Tip: If you have Inscription, make and sell Armor Vellum III.  These are the most profitable Inscription recipes on any server.  You can often buy the ink right off the AH, make the Vellum's, and sell them for a much higher price.

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